Caught by Surprise
By Marissa Archer
Last Post: June 18, 2018

Hardworking Lacy Bagby is dedicated to her work and most see her as shy, awkward and dull. But Lacy is no different from other women in that she wants to love and be loved. And when she is suddenly assigned to assist the handsome, debonair partner of the firm she can't help but fantasize about him. Her heart pounds and her blood turns hot at the thought of being in his bed. Soon she is presented with that very opportunity and she does not turn it down. But will the sensuous, ecstatic nights in his bed lead to her heart's desire?

Chapters Date
Ch. 55 Jun 18, 2018
Ch. 44 Jun 11, 2018
Ch. 33 Jun 4, 2018
Ch. 22 May 28, 2018
Ch. 11 May 21, 2018