Bring Me To Life
By GeorgeouslyDane
Last Post: November 24, 2022

Ability to see ghosts. For some it’s a curse, for some it’s a gift.

“Stop! I said stop!!” I screamed at him.

“But, Fifi! Let’s go!”

“No. I told you, I cannot right?” I tried to explain to him that it’s not really possible, but this one is just naughty.

“But I want it. Now!”

“You go by yourself.”

“You are so bad!”

“What?! I’m not bad, William!”

“Sophie? Are you with someone inside?”

“Ahh... N-nothing, Mom. I’m just... Just... Practicing my lines.”

“Alright, get some rest. Your call time tomorrow is still early.”

“Okay, Mom. Goodnight. Love you!”

“Love you most, sweetie!”

“Can we go now?”


“But why?”

“Shh! Don’t mess up! Mom is really going to catch me!”

“She can’t hear me.”

“Shhh!” I jumped up from my bed and went straight to the bathroom. ‘Because this William is so stubborn. My sleepiness is gone!’ As soon as I opened the bathroom door, William immediately popped in.

“C’mon, Fifi! It’s really the last time.”

“Last? That’s what you told me last night, last week, last month and last year, right?” It annoyed me to answer him. “And what exactly are you doing in the bathroom? I told you for the nth time already... Comfort rooms are off—”

“Limits. Got it, Fifi!” He even saluted me with an ear-to-ear smile.

“Really? What else are you doing here?”

“Say yes first.”


“Er! Wrong answer!” The man really shook his head! “Alright Fifi, please? Let’s go to the park, please? Let’s ride the swing, please? Fifi?”

“Ugh! Fine! It’s really the last time, huh?? After this, you’re going to put me to sleep, huh?”

“Alright! Copy, Fifi!”

“Good! And one more thing.” I stared at him seriously. “Stop calling me Fifi. Sophie is my name, not Fifi.”

“Who cares? You’re my Fifi.” That was all he answered me before suddenly fading in front of me. Yes. Really faded.

He is no ordinary guy.

He is beyond special.

What is he really?

Well, nothing serious.

He’s just a... ghost!

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