Taming Damon, the Demon
By hollowyen (Author)
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Ebook: 1145 words
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Dealing with a toxic and evil boss is a nightmare for Hiyasmin Jade. When she accepted the job offered to her, she didn't imagine the weight of the job she applied for. All she knew is that she'll not gonna kick out of her apartment.

Then she meets her boss Aksel Damon Puertonillo who acts like a demon despite his handsome look. The man who will question her capability and test her patience.

Will she endure the test of life on her?

How will she deal with a boss who's like a walking demon to her?

Can she tame the demon inside her boss?

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: June 8, 2022
Language: English

This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

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