The Wolf Pack
By Matt Mason (Author)
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Crown and Empire, The Wolf Pack

They called it the ‘Perfect Vision Pandemic’ because they knew exactly what would happen and had planned it down to the last detail. It was their last sick joke on humanity to set it all in motion in 2020.
Many suspected from very early on that the virus was in fact a biological weapon made in a lab, but no one knew where the term ‘Perfect Vision Pandemic’ was first coined. It did, however, take off in a flash and went viral in days, although at the time, few knew just how perfect that 2020 vision was.
Initially, the new wave of positive conservative leaders around the world felt the pandemic was a godsend in disguise. With new emergency powers and a justifiable grudge against China, western optimism steamed ahead along with industry, and healthy conservative priorities ruled.
But then came the second wave of the virus and the world was thrown into chaos. Emergency power newly concentrated in the hands of a few good leaders was easily subverted. The forces of darkness gathered under the banner of ‘Global Unity’, but unity was less their goal than total and tyrannical domination.
Yet coronavirus Covid 19 was a tricky creature that knew no master and by 2027, it had mutated into a horrifying new strain that all but destroyed most of the nations of the world.
Rebel forces sprang up all over the world to guard and protect the few communities and nations that by virtue of their isolation were still unaffected.
Australia and New Zealand, understandably foremost amongst those, had until mid 2027 kept at bay the new ‘rage’ syndrome — the latest strain of the virus that played havoc with the inhibition centres of the brain. Even so, harsh rule in the antipodes bred determined opposition, first and foremost in the shape of The Wolf Pack.
As the Wolf Pack’s strategists watched the infamous Australian RED division grow ever more powerful, they saw the need for something new to level the playing field and give them a tactical advantage. Inside information was desperately needed but RED security was over the top.
One strange field of mind research held unusual promise but a whole new mindset was needed or its spiritually oriented secrets would remain hidden. As it happened, the head of The Wolf Pack, Wolf Ballantyne, had been stricken by the virus in the early stages and had experienced intense hallucinations. His chief researcher and tech wizard had been collecting samples of each strain since then and finally isolated a compound that freed the mind from many constraints.
When in a moment of unusual compassion Wolf Ballantyne whisked the plucky young Little River activist, Kara, away from the clutches of the worst and most feared RED agents, he found in her supple mind a rich wellspring of exactly the sort of knowledge they needed to unlock the final hidden potentials.
With her assistance, Wolf discovered that he had to understand the exact nature of the relationship between the rational and the emotional before he could deal with the series of locks that guard entry to the higher mind.
In the wake of some remarkable experiences that revealed the first glimmers of truth about the causes of Earth’s long suffering, a more down to earth channel of contact brought the offer of assistance from a secret and powerful Scottish organization.
Valhalla, a wealthy and ancient brotherhood specializing in technical research and development, gave powerful new tech to the Wolf Pack and with that propelled it into the intrigue and pitched battles of the international arena.

Crown and Empire, the Wolf Pack is the first of six stories in the Crown and Empire series, an adventure that traces the urgent return of individual responsibility tempered with compassion to deal with the many challenges created by the increasing insanity of reckless governmental stupidity.
Part one — The Wolf Pack, portrays the latest in a series of escalating challenges that drive Wolf towards self-discovery. It tells of the meeting of minds that makes this inner journey possible and of the union of the Wolf Pack with Valhalla that propels both organizations into the sphere of global power.
In the second book, Valhalla Covenant, the possibility of an alien presence is revealed — a threat that has existed for centuries but which has ironically become susceptible to exposure for the first time by the latest mutation of the virus.
Later episodes deal with the challenges of cleansing key nations of the ‘rage’ syndrome, doing battle with rogue groups, forging an international union of brotherhood and hunting down the true and ancient cause of all the trouble.

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: April 21, 2020
Language: English

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