Mia's Lost Kids
By Amobi Offor (Author)
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Ebook: 15004 words
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Damien, Darx, and Chloe vanished amidst social turmoil, leaving their parents, Mia and Sage, with unanswered questions. 

Twelve years later, a mysterious letter arrived with a teenage photo of the children, reigniting hope and determination to uncover the truth.

As Mia delved deeper into the case, she faced opposition and gaslighting, with some labeling her a "lunatic." 

Unknown to her, she was being manipulated with LSD to discredit her and suppress the truth. 

But the truth began to unravel, revealing an insider as the mastermind behind the children's disappearance and torture.

With this shocking discovery, the question remains: Who is the culprit, driven by anger and revenge, hiding in plain sight? The answer lies in the shadows, waiting to be exposed. Will Mia and Sage finally find justice for their children, or will the insider's sinister plans continue to tear their family apart?

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: June 2, 2024
ISBN: 978-1-68302-101-8
Language: English

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