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Welcome to your new Drupal website!

Please follow these steps to set up and start using your website:

  1. Configure your website Once logged in, visit the administration section, where you can customize and configure all aspects of your website.
  2. Enable additional functionality Next, visit the module list and enable features which suit your specific needs. You can find additional modules in the Drupal modules download section.
  3. Customize your website design To change the "look and feel" of your website, visit the themes section. You may choose from one of the included themes or download additional themes from the Drupal themes download section.
  4. Start posting content Finally, you can create content for your website. This message will disappear once you have promoted a post to the front page.

For more information, please refer to the help section, or the online Drupal handbooks. You may also post at the Drupal forum, or view the wide range of other support options available.

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New Ebooks

Holly Spanks
Jean and Marie studying at Liberal International School became classmates and shared something more than what just friends would share. They stood their ground of being best friends, but they were on the way to becoming something more. Because their country had certain...
Not everyone is born strong, Some are soft like the cotton candy clouds, like the first rays before dawn. Some are unaware of the dark thoughts and the cruelty that exists. Like an enchanting pearl in an oyster..protected. There comes a day they realise that even the...
Apratyashita Thakur
Aurora's world turns upside down when she gets stuck in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy and the quest for 'The Heart of Magic.' Dragons, werewolves and witches; all are in a bid to trap, lure and use Aurora to obtain the stone. How will Aurora protect herself and...
Hazel eyes are bound to drown in Dreamy Eyes from the moment the door was opened by Navi, our cute yet intelligent character. Easy to fall for but difficult to come out from the depth. Hardeep, the aloof CEO, finds it hard to keep his aloofness. Will he be able to win...
Lena L Brooks
Aiden's entire body came alive all at once as the woman turned to look at him. He wanted to trace every line of the tattoos that covered her shoulder and spread over her chest. His fingers twitched to tangle themselves in her long red hair and his heart begged to be...