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Please follow these steps to set up and start using your website:

  1. Configure your website Once logged in, visit the administration section, where you can customize and configure all aspects of your website.
  2. Enable additional functionality Next, visit the module list and enable features which suit your specific needs. You can find additional modules in the Drupal modules download section.
  3. Customize your website design To change the "look and feel" of your website, visit the themes section. You may choose from one of the included themes or download additional themes from the Drupal themes download section.
  4. Start posting content Finally, you can create content for your website. This message will disappear once you have promoted a post to the front page.

For more information, please refer to the help section, or the online Drupal handbooks. You may also post at the Drupal forum, or view the wide range of other support options available.

New Stories

Author Nicole Marcina
[Romance, Fantasy]
[Teen & Young Adult]
Princess Himaya
[Romance, Erotica]
Author Sasha
[Romance, Erotica]

New Ebooks

An Arranged marriage! Why not? Marrying a Stranger? Why.... what the hell? Arranged marriages are not weird at least not in Asia but marrying a stranger is utter foolishness, don't you think? What will happen if a girl who was brought up in an Orthodox family...
I LOVE YOUR TEARS- He healed her Heart which was broken by him. She was broken; he healed her. She was betrayed; he taught her to fight back. She was selfless, and it was taken as an advantage by everyone; he made her strong and smart. She was immature; he changed her...
Diya is a great, bold, and adventurous journalist. She is known for bringing out the darkest secrets of the high profile people. But, none knows about the darkest secret of her life. Shourya is a sincere, emotionless, brave, and honest cop. He is a terror in the hearts...
The story of a girl Roopa who aspired to join the Indian Police Service and then the Intelligence Bureau, which is a part of the National Investigation Agency of India (NIA). Joining NIA is nothing, but being ready to give up life at any time for the safety of the...
Sakshi's POV: "As of today, you are dead," said Randhir, increasing my fear. "I am sorry, please," I said. "I will never forgive you. You are the one who ruined my life. I married you to show you how painful it is to be cheated by someone you trust," Randhir said,...