The Surrogate Mother
By Fidel Gold B
Last Post: December 5, 2022

The Surrogate Mother is a touching tale of a childless couple and a surrogate mother.
Ronald and Vera are happily married but their happiness is marred by the absence of a child. They hire the services of a night club dancer, Susanna to have their baby. The story takes an interesting turn when Susanna too begins to love Ronald. What happens thereafter, forms the essence of this sensitive story.

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Chapters Date
Ch. 6His Saviour Dec 5, 2022
Ch. 5And They Meet Again Nov 27, 2022
Ch. 4Africa Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 3His hallucination Nov 22, 2022
Ch. 2What is she doing here? Nov 15, 2022
Ch. 1Beautiful Beginning Nov 15, 2022

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