The Outcast Alpha
By Erza
Last Post: December 21, 2021

For one thousand years, a handsome young man named Raymond lived in the mountains far, far away. He was a solitary figure. He was abandoned by his parents, and grew up with his uncle Derek. He was a white wolf who lived far away from humans and was completely unknown to them. Interactions with humans result in torture or death. On that fateful day, he saw a beauitful girl in the forest, named Selina who was nineteen years old, and fell in love with her; he was also surprised that the punishment did not get to her or him.
He was in love with her and planned to marry her, but he decided to keep his secret from her because he was afraid he would scare her if she found out. Raymond went against his uncle Derek's warning and got married to Selina. One day, the unthinkable occurred...

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