The CEO and His Secretary's Secret
By Von Hsu
Last Post: July 12, 2024

Emily Johnson, a dedicated secretary at W Company, the world's largest global distribution firm, works under the leadership of the young and ambitious CEO, Daniel Winston. Known for her loyalty, Emily also tends to be somewhat careless in her demeanor.

Emily's personal life is in turmoil. Her boyfriend, whom she planned to marry, has vanished without a trace for the past two weeks. Feeling neglected and confused, she faces a dilemma: should she hold on to a seemingly shattered relationship or take a bold step to end it all?

Adding to the chaos, Daniel, the CEO, unexpectedly invites Emily on a business trip to Thailand. Neither of them could have anticipated that this journey would bring a surprise that changes their lives forever. What is this surprise? And how will it affect Emily's relationship with Daniel, as well as her future with her missing boyfriend?

You need 1 point to view each paid chapter.

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