Suicidal Battle Of Moonlight Lovers
By As_RedDiel
Last Post: November 21, 2022

A vampire fallen into a werewolf? Unbelievable but possible fate of two lovers against the three clans of the world. A battlegrounds between three species; vampires versus werewolves versus the human advancement.

"I may have chosen death, than to keep my hunger alive. But I will never ever dare to put you at risk anymore."

Jaymea, a blind cripple girl who was destined to be the mate of the illegitimate child of the werewolf clan leader. But she was bitten by a vampire, the sole, mortal enemy of the werewolf. She became a sick beast that threatened human society and other clans. Yet for some reason, instead of pushing her away due to their differences and rivalry, he kept her by his side and always aids in her hunger. He became her blood supplier.

However it triggers both clans, they hunt her alive or death. But before they could catch her, they discovered something disgusting made by humans, an Artificial humans made by the dead bodies of different species, similar to the chimera. A project that is made for killing both vampires and werewolves.

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