OFW: The Game Of Life Book 3
By FX777222999
Last Post: January 9, 2023

A weak-manipulative-smart young man ... A first true love ... A beautiful rich woman is obsessed with love ... A kind loving wife ... and Friends ... Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs. .. All combined with their destinations to love because of ambition, lies, lust, hatred, revenge, and struggles for life in a distant place.

Bored Billionaire Insatiable Desires is the story of a young man - Marco Fernando - from a small island in Negros Occidental, Philippines, who explores his life in Bacolod City and finds his true love for Ayah Isabel Gonzales. While pursuing his dreams, he befriended Edward Ramirez. He used his friends to discover the hard way of working while studying.

While working on his student life, he also used the rich woman Danielle Gustilo and fell in love with her thoroughly. Governor Ben Gustilo, Danielle’s father, offered a large amount of money for his daughter's marriage. But, Marco Fernando chose Ayah Isabel because of a bad incident that happened and decided to run to Manila with Ayah Isabel. He did not think that life in Manila was a narrow road of heartache, lies, hatred, and revenge.

Raising his growing family in Manila, he found his true self working in a remote place called Dubai as an OFW. However, poverty was the biggest problem as he used his charm to reach his ambition again with Danielle without her wife’s knowledge in the Philippines.

The more lies and heartache he discovered his obsession with money grew stronger. Marco played his game well to reach his dreams. Used his charms to build corporations and became a Billionaire. He was looking forward to his family while building an empire abroad, he was swallowed by drugs to reduce the hardship of becoming a Billionaire and a Spy.

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