OFW: The Game Of Life Book 3
By FX777222999
Date: May 10, 2022
Ch. 1The Billionaire's Son

His life after living in Shanghai China was intertwined with so much entanglement from his father Marco Fernando while he mourned the death of his mother, Danielle Gustilo.

His grandfather Ben Gustilo forcibly brought him to Shanghai for evading his growing days outside the circle of his father’s reach who was exploring the spy Interpol of the US Secret Service. Ben knew that the children of Marco Fernando from Ayah Isabel Gonzales have the know tied for them under this tutelage especially Ann Rose Fernando, the eldest.

With so much pain inside his heart, he ran away unnoticed from Shanghai to live in Bacolod City at Governor Benjamin Gustilo’s mansion. But, instead lived in the small house adjacent to the mansion where he used to stay during his childhood days.

Ben Gustilo remained in shanghai China even though he knew about the disappearance of his grandson Marco. He developed this feeling towards Marco all throughout his growing years, and he knew exactly his attitude and personality. Ben Gustilo explored the growing business of the food industry, especially in the restaurant business. He has the clout of businessmen who supported him in Shanghai and even taught him that money matters from different facets of the business world.

After a year, Marco Fernando Jr. returned to Shanghai unexpectedly which made his grandfather investigate him without his knowledge.

Marco Fernando Jr. again stayed for a while without doing anything important to help the business of his grandfather, instead, he secretly devoted his time to the underworld of Shanghai personalities.

One day he found himself inside a commercial airplane going to Bacolod City, Philippines.

Marco Gustilo Fernando Jr., son of the Billionaire from Danielle Gustilo, sat in seat 17b looking out the plane window, watching it taxi down the runway. He could not believe after a year and a half of losing the house that he would return. He sneezed and sat down in his chair and lowered the belt attached to it. About seventy-five degrees out afternoon he was allowed to choose blue jean shorts and a white polo t-shirt. A pair of brown rusty men’s sandals he had gotten from a Shanghai Megamall was contained on his feet. He moved his toes from inside the shoe and looked down at his laptop. He was playing a chess game on the internet. It was his turn. He checked where exactly he could move a pawn, just so he could get into his opponent's domain. After some decisive thought, he moved his pawn to the right of the third chessboard on the board.

As a matter of fact, he lived his own life away from his family – Gustilo Family and Fernando Family – even his own sister Shaira Rose Gustilo Fernando, only to Ben Gustilo, his grandfather.

Marco Jr. climbed into his old house, staring out of the house, not really sure he wanted to head to its entrance. There were so many memories there that left a familiar pain in the center of his heart. The house of his grandfather – the Governor Ben Gustilo. He rubbed his eyes and swallowed back the pain. He remembers learning to ride his motorbike on the sidewalk when he was 10 years old. His grandfather bought him; his first motorbike, because his father Marco Fernando was busy building his empire in Dubai.

He was conspicuously the tall, thin rail, ten years old with the same long arms and legs that the little boy had been. During that time, he was going through his superman phase and wore the blue superman dress he got for Christmas while he was riding. A smile formed on his face as he remembered the wind blowing through his body, giving him the feeling that he was flying. He sighed heavily, he could hear the sound of a small horn on his handlebar, warning the unseen villains to stay out of the way.

Marco Jr. laughed softly at this nostalgia and turned off the ignition. He opened the door of his rented car and got out. Closing the door and locking it, he stepped to the curb and walked up to the house. When he opened the door, he heard it open. The creaks are from the lack of its use. He pushed it away, went inside, and then closed it. He walked down the hallway, noticing that the floors looked so clean from not walking in two years. He entered the living room. The blinds were still closed the way he removed them, leaving the room dark and impossible to see. He approached the mini blinds and twisted the rod, allowing light to flood the room. When that happened, he was amazed at the orderly condition of the room, polished, mop the floors, and the throw rug that sat under the coffee table seemed to have been vacuumed. He doesn't remember leaving the living room like this. He is not. A frown changed his forehead and he made his way through the living room towards the kitchen. Though glowing, shining as best he could. Her mother didn't seem to pass, and the feeling of loss and the life in the past. The brass knobs on the cabinets gained luster. The gas stove looks new. Even the table seemed not to be left in turmoil on his departure. He took a deep breath, he passed the back door, didn't bother to see if it was locked, and climbed the stairs, feeling strange.

When he entered the hallway, his heart seemed to stop. He immediately recognized the scent of lilac. Sighing, he wondered if she had done it. Of course! Cried his mind. That's why she smells like lilac. He glanced at the hallway bathroom. It looks as clean as the whole house. He stared in admiration, a smile forming. He needed to know where he was and thank her. He passed there, to the master bedroom where his mother's belongings were. Opening the door, he noticed all his belongings were in the same order he had left. No one interrupted. He nodded, understanding why he would let them go. He closed the door and went to his room. He looked around, and saw that the bed was made, the floor was cleaned, and even the clothes were neatly folded in drawers. The only space in the room that was untouched was his closet. He turned it over and looked down.


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