By Mateca
Last Post: January 26, 2022

Cassey's life changes when she gains the ability to see ghosts after she woke up from being comatose because of an accident. She meets the wondering spirit of Dindi, the young actress who died the same day as she had the accident. Dindi's spirit asked her help to talk to her handsome but cold fiancee, Marcus Monteverde. Marcus didn't believe her when she told him about Dindi so she decided to help the actress by herself. While investigating the real cause of Dindi's death, her life becomes the target of someone hidden in the dark. Luckily, she was always saved by Marcus every time her life puts in danger. Although he's cold and aloof, Cassey still falls in love with him. But what if she discover that Dindi was her long-lost sister? Will she continue to love a man that gave her sister's heartaches when she was still alive? Is there a connection between her accident that causes her to have amnesia and her sister's death?

Chapters Date
Ch. 8Chapter 8 Jan 26, 2022
Ch. 7Chapter 7 Jan 26, 2022
Ch. 6Chapter 6 Jan 26, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5 Jan 26, 2022
Ch. 4Chapyer 4 Jan 26, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3 Jan 26, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2 Jan 26, 2022
Ch. 1Chapter 1 Jan 26, 2022

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