By Mateca
Date: January 26, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2

Cassey raised one of her hands to stop Clea's mouth from nonstop talking as soon as she woke up and was bombarded with questions and nags.

“Can you ask a question one at a time? I just woke up, Clea. My head still hurts as well as my whole body so just take it easy, okay? "

“I'm sorry. I'm just too worried about you. Wait, I'll let the doctors know first that you've woken up already. ”

When Clea came out of the room she suddenly thought why was she in the hospital? Why did she fall down the stairs? The last thing she remembered was she's entering Clea's condo unit. She walked to the bathroom because she thought her friend was in the bathroom and taking a bath when she heard something falls from the bathroom. After that, she could not remember what happened next.

What happened next? Why she couldn't remember anything after that scene? She moaned softly when she felt a pain in her head. She tries to remember what happened. But no matter how much she tried she really can't remember what happened. Her head only hurts when she is forcing herself to remember what happened.

“Cassey, are you okay? What’s wrong with you? Are you hurt?”  Clea asked when she saw her holding her forehead while her eyes are closed and furrowed.

“I don't remember what happened, Doc. I don’t know why I’m here in the hospital. My head hurts when I try to remember something. ”

The doctor that Clea called immediately approached her and examined her carefully before giving her an explanation.

“Just calm down, Ms. Villacorta.  It seems that you have partial amnesia since you are saying that you don’t remember anything of what happened before you had the accident. Maybe it's the result of banging your head on something hard.  But you should be thankful. You're very lucky to survive, Ms. Villacorta. And we didn't find any damage to your brain when we did the CT scan on you. That was a miracle. And given the size of the lump on your head when you were brought here, I am sure that your head hit a hard object such as a wall, a staircase, or the steel handle of a staircase.  But aside from a few sprains in the arm and leg, scratches all over your body, a bang on the head, and most of all a huge lump on the head you have no other damage at all.  Especially in your head, "Dr. Santos explained. His eyes were amazed while looking at her. "This is really a miracle."

"God loves you, Cassey. Because He never left you and let you get hurt," Clea said with a smile of relief on her face.

"Don't worry, Ms. Villacorta, little by little your forgotten memories will come back. For now, all you have to do is rest and get well. Don't force yourself to remember anything if it will only cause you to hurt your head," added Dr. Gary Santos, the doctor who examined her.

Casey nods at Dr. Santos and thanks for his help. After some instructions on what she should and should not do, he left her room so that she could rest. Clea approached her immediately after the doctor is out.

"I want to ask you a lot but I'm sure you can't answer me so I'll just let you recover your memories before I question you.”

She just nodded at her and then closed her eyes. Her head still hurts a bit so she needs to rest to recover quickly.


Cassey remained in the hospital for another week after she woke up from being comatose before the doctor let her discharge from the hospital.

After she got dressed she left the room where she stayed for almost two weeks. Clea came down first because she was still going to pay her hospital bills.  As she walked down the hallway she heard a voice of a woman crying. She wants to ignore it but there seemed to be a strong force pulling her towards the area where the woman is crying. She followed the woman's voice until she reached a room at the end of the hallway. The door of the room was open so she immediately saw a woman wearing a white bathrobe sitting on the side of the bed while crying. She bent slightly so she could not see the woman's face properly.

She took a tissue paper from her shoulder bag and handed it to the woman.

"Don't be sad. All of us will have to die. Not just all at once. But even if your loved one leaves you, you still need to move on with your life. Your deceased loved one will not want to see you grieve over his or her loss.”

She thought that maybe her loved one had died so she was sad and crying. She has experienced that as well.

Her parents along with her one and only sister died in the accident when she was only ten years old. The three of them died while she alone survived. Her parents drowned at the sea when the boat they were riding suddenly flipped while they were touring at the Hundred Islands. She survived but not her parents.  The body of her older sister, Cassidy was not recovered by the rescuers. The rescuer believed that her body may have been washed away by the water or eaten by large fish in the sea. So after a week of searching for her sister but was not found the rescuers declared her sister dead. She survived because she clung to a floating part of the boat that did not sink completely.

After the death of her parents and older sister, she was taken in and adopted by his Grandfather Joaquin;  the father of her late mother. She was filled with love by his grandfather so she was able to quickly move on from the tragedy that befell her family.  She is currently happy with her life.

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