A CEO for Christmas
By M.D. LaBelle
Date: December 9, 2022
Ch. 4His House

As soon as I see the size of his house or shall I say mansion out in the boondocks, I gasp before I feel his eyes on me. When I glance at him, I notice that he is wearing a big smirk on his lips and there is a glint in his eyes as he stares at me in amusement.
“Do you like?” He asks hesitantly, before he places his hand on mine softly.
While I stare into those damn beautiful eyes of his, I can’t help but to wonder why me? Why did he decide to take pity on me and bring me here. After all, I strangely feel like I am in a fairy tale. Any minute now he will produce a pair of glass slippers for me to slip my feet into and a gorgeous ball gown to wear to the dance.
When he says sweetly, “Hold on, I will get the door for you.” I realize that I have been daydreaming and he is already halfway out the car door.
As he rounds the front to me, he smiles before opening mine and offering a hand to me in a very gentlemanly manner. Hesitating, I look up at him before I stand up and take his hand. He shuts it behind me and then leads me to the front door. It is made of oak with a big brass knocker on it like they used to have in the olden days with a lion head.
Turning to me, he smiles again that debonaire smile of a handsome man who has been around the block far too many times and is used to getting what he wants. Then he states, “This used to be my parent’s house, but when my mother died, my dad moved out to a condo. He figured that it would be less lonely there. Especially, when we all had moved on after college.”
Suddenly, I begin to feel a sadness come over me as I remember when my own mother died. Yes, she hated me towards the end, but at least when I was really little, I had a good childhood, and she was the mother I had always loved.
“Did I say something wrong?” He asks sadly as he cups my chin with his thumb and forefinger before raising my head so I would look into his eyes.
Shaking my head, I don’t say a word because strangely enough, I hope he leans down to kiss me on the lips. Oh, how I would let him do anything to me right now and I don’t even know why.
When he stares down at my lips for more than a minute, I begin to hold my breath and imagine that he gets closer and closer, but he doesn’t ever kiss me. Instead, he releases me as he sighs and then turns to open the door before ushering me inside. As I step in the doorway, I scan the huge entryway in front of me. It is made up of a marble table with a crystal vase on it and inside of the vase is the most beautiful long stemmed red roses I have ever seen in my life.
While I stand there admiring them, the fragrance hits me all at once and I close my eyes because this was the flower I had chosen for my mother’s casket. It was her favorite flower of all time. She even wore a rose scented perfume that she would get at Victoria’s Secret before they stopped carrying it. This single fragrance is what I remember my mother the most for.
When I return to my senses, I notice that he is standing there staring at me again. This time he doesn’t seem sad but intrigued by me. So, I reply quietly, “I think this is just all too much for me right now. You had mentioned a place for me to sleep. I believe it is best if I go to bed for the night. I think the wine has gotten to my head.”
After cocking his head in amusement, he smirks before saying sarcastically, “I could always join you. That is if you wish.”
Now, if he hadn’t phrased it that way with that tone of voice, I might have taken him up on it. But I don’t like it when guys ask, I prefer them to just do it because it feels more romantic that way. You know what I mean. So, I decline sweetly by stating, “I believe it is best if I sleep alone tonight. I may do something I regret in the morning otherwise.”
Too late do I realize that I judged the situation poorly as a look of sadness spreads across his face and I see the loneliness set in his eyes as he nods before turning away from me. Just before he disappears into the next room, he yells back to me as an afterthought, “Your room is at the end of the hallway. Go up the stairs and you will find something suitable there I imagine.”
The whole time I am walking up the stairs and down the long hallway to my room, I curse myself for being so stupid. How could I have been so blind? Of course, getting it on with a man I barely know just after running from the love of my life, may not be the most responsible thing in the world. However, it may have been exactly the thing I need to get him off my mind for good.
Unfortunately, when I open the door, I find the most comfortable bed in the world and as soon as I lay down on it for a split second, I fall asleep. When I wake up the next morning, I hear a knock at the door and then I watch as it slowly opens after I say nothing in return. He peaks his head in with a smile the moment he realizes that I am awake.
“Good morning.” He says sweetly with a smile before he opens the door fully and carries in a tray with a glass of orange juice and a plate of scrambled eggs, wheat toast, and a bottle of strawberry jam.
“Mm. My favorite. How on earth could you have possibly known?” I murmur under my breath as he leans over me and puts the tray on my lap.
“Well, it just happens to be my favorite and I figured you wouldn’t protest too much. After all, everyone likes breakfast and bed every once in a while.” He replies so sweetly that I want to reach up and kiss him.
This man. If I didn’t know any better, I could swear he is trying to butter me up.
“I have never had anyone bring me breakfast in bed before today. This is a first.” I state in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.
“Well, then to many more firsts with me. Now, enjoy it before the eggs get cold.” He adds and gestures for me to eat it up quickly.
Yes, I caught that bit about many more firsts with him. Does he think I will be staying for a while? Perhaps even stay for good? I can’t think of any place I would rather be right now, but this just does not feel right when I have already taken advantage of him.
Once again, I find myself wondering why me, as I cram the jelly, toast and eggs in my mouth and fill my stomach. When I am full and the plate is empty, I move to get up but he stands up and stops me by placing his hand on my shoulder. He stares down at me and then says softly, “Let me take that. You are a guest here and I treat my guests like royalty.”
While trying to fight the need to repay him, the words slip out, “I must do something to repay you. What can I do?”
As soon as he turns to look at me, I see a hunger in his eyes and know exactly what he has in mind. It is the same thing that Joseph had in mind for me the day we met. Of course, he wanted me to get down on my knees. Greg may be different.
“Of course, why would he want me, Plain Jane, when he could have any woman, he wants?” I can’t help but to think to myself as he disappears for a couple of minutes without saying a word.
Deciding that I judged him wrong again, I get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. After all, I have held it for far too long and really need to pee. As soon as I relieve myself, I wash my hands and look into the mirror at my own reflection. It is true, I am a plain jane as Joseph used to always call me. I figured that was why he wouldn’t ever have sex with me besides getting head.
Shaking my long locks in disgust of the way he treated me; I close my eyes and swallow hard before I return to the bedroom where I find Greg sitting on the bed. He glances up at me from where he sits as he gestures to the spot next to him. While not saying a single word, I do as he wants hesitantly because I do not know where this is going. If he wants to have sex with me, he will be sadly disappointed.
I don’t honestly know how I will tell him that I am a virgin. Whenever I tell anyone, they laugh and say that I am lying because I had been with Joseph for so long, so I can only imagine that he will probably do the same.
When I take the place next to him, he cups my chin again before he lowers his lips hungrily to mine. As he does this, he stares into my eyes while his tongue seeks out every corner of my mouth. I sigh into his before he breaks it a minute later and then gets up before leaving quickly.
Nothing is said the rest of the morning as I take a shower. However, as I sit in my room wondering what had just happened, I touch my skin softly with my fingertips where his warm, and hungry lips devoured my mouth.

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