The nanny affair
By Sonitaolise
Date: September 16, 2021
Ch. 8Drunken

oh my gosh! I cannot believe I forgot about that!".

Liam pulls a step back as we all looked at him, the doctor walks into the room, gaining our attention, "what is it, doctor? Is there any problem?" He asked idling for her response. "No sir! On the contrary, I just need you to sign some papers before you leave!" She lets out as he walks away with her behind.

An hour later, after signing the needed documents, he returned to the room and met us in a heated conversation.

"What the hell is going on here?" He frowns at us, veering his eyes to me.

"Nothing sir! It's nothing"

I hid the fact that Tatiana tried hitting Andres, before I could alter more words, the witch lies her way through it.

"Baby! Don't worry, it's nothing serious, forget about it" she (Tatiana) retorts back eyeing me.

"Oh okay! Let's go home" he holds on to his son as they both walked out of the room.

We strolled out as well the moment they did, returning home. Liam noticed something out of the ordinary, cautiously geeking as we left in opposite direction, the second we got home safely.

The same day, Tatiana stayed in the room, she lifted her eyes seeing Andres strolling in with a pillow in his hand, "what is it, child?" He gained his eyes over flipping a dramatic look at her, "why are you still here? I thought you left?" He asked as she shoots a devilish smile at him, "aww! I can see you don't want me staying with your dad but too bad, I am your father's girlfriend and soon to be his wife, so you better get used to seeing me here" she blows a kiss to him, he recouped his eyes back to the door ambling out of the room, apparently when he left Liam strolled out of the bathroom, attaining his eyes to the door, "baby! Did anyone come in here?" He inquires but she lies to him the second time in a row.

So! He had no choice but to believe her, neither did he know that his son came over to the room, Liam wears his pajamas and tucked himself to bed, along with Tatiana who pins a weak smile laying beside him.

The following morning, it was precisely eight in the morning, I got up from the bed and strolled over to Andre's room, he gets up from bed after seeing me there, "good morning champ!" He pins a smile on reciprocating back with his greetings as well, "good morning miss Sara!" He says to me.

I got him dressed for school, we both strolled out to the living room and stumbled on Liam having his breakfast, "good morning dad?" Andres sat beside his father, Liam nails a kiss on his cheeks, after being done with his breakfast, "good morning sir" he veered back and took notice of my presence, "good morning Sara, hope you slept well" he lovingly asked me but before I could get the chance to respond, a voice-assisted out, "I slept well, Baby! Thanks for asking" Tatiana let's out from a far distance, urgh! I wonder how on earth she was able to hear from a far.

She (Tatiana) sits down at the dining table, and pulls her chair closer to Liam, he shoots a smile at her gaining his attention elsewhere away from her chicky behavior.

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His drunk?..

His drunk?..