The nanny affair
By Sonitaolise
Date: September 16, 2021
Ch. 6Double trouble

Liam tried explaining, as I quietly looked on, the press calmly gave ears to his words, thus, not quite long a feminine voice attainted our attention
"Liam Khan! Who the hell is she?".

The press exclaimed seeing her in such an angry mood, thus gives them the edge for a juicy story on the news this evening.

The unknown lady, moves closer and the first thing she did was shove me away from Liam's side, talk about being paranoid, "Tatiana! What the hell do you think you are doing".  Liam moves to assist me but the second time Tatiana pushed his hands away, swirling her angry gaze at me, "who are you?". She copied back her words to me ambling forward in my direction.

I can sense this isn't Just a mare question but one, that have a lot of hidden meaning behind it. "My name is!"  I busted out but before I could finish talking,  Liam immediately turns her attention over to him, "can you please not create a scene here! The press is here and you know they are drying to see the outcome of what's going to happen?". He tries hard not to get heard by the press, yet the minions in Tatiana's head controlled her to a point she vented her frustration on him, by hitting a slap on Liam's face.


We all gazed stunned, I had no idea she would do such a thing, the press all took a photo of that incident idling to see how Liam reacts to it.

"Everybody leave!" He says trying to control his anger, when no one attempted to heed his command, he yells out, "I said to leave from here! Don't you understand". Hence one after the other they got into their vans and left.

Tatiana maintained her angry gaze at him, I have no clue what she thought was going on between us. "Who is she? Liam!". For the third time she airs out her pending question, yet Liam turns to me with a weak smile on, "let's go Sara!" He says hurling his hands out to me, apparently Tatiana attempted the same action she did a while ago but held back the juncture she took notice of the firing gaze on Liam's eyes, as she quietly watched us ambling inside the house.

Liam said  not a single word to me, I figured he was still be affected by what just happened, thus minus the fact I no clue about her, something within urged me to know the truth, "Liam?" I called out to him, idling to see if he will react to it, "what is it?" He lets go of my hands recouping his attention to me, "are you okay?" I asked in a tiny voice, "yes! I am, why do you ask?". He (Liam) says pushing for a reply, "nothing actually! But who is that lady standing outside the house?". (Waiting for his response).

"What lady? That ain't no lady, she's a street hoodlum who in no way behave like a lady!".

He retorts in an aggravated tone, strutting out on me, as I gazed on.

Two hours later, after settling down, I strolled downstairs to the living room, when my eyes fell on Tatiana's presence there seated at the porch, she back I so didn't notice my presence behind, "ma'am! Do I need to call sir Liam to come?". I had no reason behind my question, rather it seems to have stuck in her head the wrong way, as she veered back.

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