The nanny affair
By Sonitaolise
Date: September 16, 2021
Ch. 5Duties?.

I couldn't take my eyes off him as he walked away, later on, Liam veers down to meet me handing over a piece of documents, which stated each and everything I needed to do as his son's nanny, but among the listed requirements, what I couldn't understand was, and I quote, "you will have to live with us, so your duties will be taken care of effectively". I raised my head, as I kindly asked him to explain further.

"Urgh! Do I have to explain everything to you? "Liam says taking note of the expression I had on my face, "have you ever being a babysitter before" (continued talking).

"I" originally I thought lying to him would be better but something within told on, I should tell the truth, so I did, "no sir! I haven't been a babysitter before!".

"Urgh! Really, how the hell am I going to entrust my son to someone who doesn't know the first thing about babysitting!". Liam frowns at me, buffing out a deep breath.

I know he had every right to stop me from working, firstly I had no idea how to babysit a child, and secondly, I can still recall I lied to him about being a babysitter on my resume.

"Look, sir! I am sorry, I know I said I have been a babysitter before, minus the fact I have not but now I am willing to learn and abide by the rules and regulations governing our contract, please give me a chance sir!".

I pleaded with him in at most sincerity, as he quietly listens "hmm! I can see you're sorry, but it's okay, maybe God wanted you to get this job, in all honesty, I'll like to see how you handle a kid of such naughtiness especially if the child is my son". Liam speaks in a loud voice shooting a devilish smile at me.

Urgh! I'll love to wipe off that smile on his face when I show him, I can do anything if I set my mind to it.

"Yes sir, I can do it"

I said, apparently to him, that was my response but behind those words what I truly meant is, "Challenge accepted" and trust me, I will make Andres be in his good behavior, even though I have to bend him to it.

"Okay! Why don't you go home and pack your bags and please make sure you're early okay?' he says to me scouring a smiley face.

The following morning, before my alarm beeped, I was up already, my bags packed and set to begin a new phase in my life, a phrase with Liam Khan in it.

"Ding dong"

I rang the doorbell placed outside the juncture I got to his house, patiently waiting for a response when something flashed brightly to my eyes, I attained my attention just to notice I was being followed by the journalists, who all of a sudden surrounded everywhere with cameras around, they Veered closer and cornered me, the lights from their cameras flashed dazzlingly, urgh! For a while, I struggled to push them off but the more I try the more intense they become, unexplainably a hand-pulled me out, as I feel my whole weight on the person in surprise.

"Liam!" I said.

Everything happened so fast, they surrounded us in every corner, they aimed to know the strange-looking lady who appeared at his doorstep holding a suitcase, thus according to them, they thought I must be the hidden woman Liam has been hiding from the world for over some time now, in a real sense I am but his son's nanny.

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Whoa whoa, I'm just his son's

Whoa whoa, I'm just his son's nanny