The nanny affair
By Sonitaolise
Date: September 16, 2021
Ch. 4Trouble

"stop me here?" The cab halted in front of Liam's home, I stepped out of the car after paying my fare. I ran like I was being chased by a spirit, "whoa! Calm down!" A feminine voice attained my attention seeing an elderly lady standing in front of me. "Oops! I am sorry ma'am, I didn't see you there". I buffed and buffed for a while trying to curb my breath, the elderly lady looked at me with a curious gaze thus someone else blurted out before she did. "You're late!" I took heed of a footstep approaching towards me, I hoisted my head beholding Liam's angry gaze, he idled to hear my response, constantly tapping his legs to the floor.

"I am sorry sir! Please forgive me, I had a mishap last night" I answered back but my response no way made any difference, he took me by my hands as we walked close to the door, the serious look on his face got me tensed, thus without hesitation Liam shoved me outside and angrily tried to bang the door, "let go of it, right now" he noticed I stopped him from doing it, recouping his eyes back to me.

"No sir! But please try to understand my situation please" I said for the second time trying to explain to him, rather he pulls my hands from blocking the door and slammed the door to my face.

Liam veered back to notice the elderly lady I walked in a few minutes ago,  gazing at him, "what is it Aunt?", He moves closer to her as she pulled a step backward, "why did you send the lady out? at least you would have listened to what she had to say!" She tried explaining to him, rather he walks past her not distorting a single word.

I sat outside for over an hour now, my mind constantly played tricks on me, it was either I get up from where I was seated and leave or rather bang on the door, until he decides to open up, hence before I could make up my mind, the door opened "come in!".

I buffed out a relieved breath heeding to his voice, quickly I jerked up from where I was sited and turned strolling back in.

"Now talk to me?  Why were you late?".

An hour had passed and it was now time he deemed necessary to listen to me, thus minus the fact I had the worst reason ever, I just had to tell a white lie.

"I had an emergency at home, my mom got hit by a horse!".

I had no idea, how that came out, but it did and I know Liam will in no way believe me but fairly, he Smirked ambling away. "Pheww" it felt like a huge load was drop from my shoulder as I watched him walk away.

Idling around, I sat and waited for my job description to be read out to me, the whole day passed and Liam didn't even step his feet out of his room to meet me, yet again did he forget I was in the living room waiting for him?.

"Erm! Did you not move from his spot throughout the whole day?".

Finally, Liam decides to come out, ambling downstairs to meet me, "erm! Sir, I was waiting to hear the explicit duties you want me to do as your son's nanny!". I said swerving my gaze low.

"Specific duties? Huh? I don't think I explained everything to you yesterday, wait I'll be back!". He walks back upstairs into his room.

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Not again!!!.

Not again!!!.