The nanny affair
By Sonitaolise
Date: September 16, 2021
Ch. 3A ball on outside

The next morning, the sound of my alarm beeped me up from bed, I veered my eyes down just to see myself naked, "how! When ! Don't understand". The last thing I can remember was going to bed with my clothes on and now to wake up and see myself naked, it didn't just disappear overnight!. (My clothes).

I soared my eyes around gathering my thoughts, exactly when the door to my room pushed open decerning  Christain strolling in with a tray in his hand.

"Good morning!" He says but what I was much concerned about was his shirtless body, "good morning! Did you sleep here last night?". That question spotted a smile on his face, he walked past me and dropped the tray on the table, attaining back his attention over, "hmm! I did sleep here, but don't you remember what happened last night?".  He watched me quietly trying to recollect what happened yesterday after my job interview. 

All I can remember was after I had left Liam's home, I went straight to mine and towards dusk, Christain! who my best friend right from college, came home and dragged me out of the house to celebrate me getting a job, urgh and from listing out all his options,  Christain Devon chose to do it in the bar by drowning me in alcohol.

The whole scenario played part by part in my head, immediately I lifted my head with a furious look on.

"What? I told you not to drink too much, but do you listen, no!". He tries to clarify.

In all that wasn't my main concern, all I wanted to find out was! apart from what he said, did anything happen?. That there was my concern, I cannot possibly think of doing anything with my best friend, it's just messed up.

"Did we". I asked, he immediately laughed out loud, it felt like I shouldn't have said something about it, but I needed to know how my clothes dispatched from my body, whereas he strode into my room without wearing a shirt.

"Yes! We did have sex.... God it was magical and wonderful".

I watched as his imagination plunges far away, he walks closer to me poking his head forward to mine, "are you stupid? We didn't have sex and besides, you removed your clothes the second you got into your room and lastly the only reason I slept here was that it was getting late, so please nothing happened between us, it hasn't and it won't ever happen".

I buffed out a relieved breath, thank God almighty that nothing of a sort happened last night, thus not quite long my phone rang, "hello?" I picked up the call without identifying the caller. 

"Hello! Am I unto miss Sara?". A masculine voice at the other end of the phone says, "Yes you are?" I responded oblivious to the fact my boss(Liam) was the caller.

"Good morning it's Liam, and why aren't you here yet?".

No one had to tell me, I dashed into the bathroom holding him at the other end of the call. "I am sorry sir! I'll be there?" Liam immediately puts off the call the second he warned I come before it clocked 10:00 am, thus I did everything possible to beat the time. 

Christain quietly watched me run in chaos and not once did he alter a word of assistance to me, "urgh" sometimes he can be such a wizard. 

"Excuse me"
He took a step back, as I dashed out of the house holding my shoes.

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Can true love stand against

Can true love stand against the odds.