Wife For Hades
By Amedrianne (Author)
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When the three famous celestial brothers—Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon—have their divine attributes ripped away, there is almost nothing left with them as they become mere humans. Not until a mortal woman, Rheis, adopts them as her sons. Their lives abruptly change from having no omnipotent powers or worshippers to becoming heirs to billions upon billions of properties.
And while on a family trip in Italy, the brothers receive an invitation to an exclusive elite party called the Lupercalian Twist, which takes place every fifteen years on the fifteenth of February. The main highlight of the event involves the men being randomly paired with a woman they have never met before. Each bachelor is being demanded to win the woman's heart before the event ends, otherwise, they risk losing all of their possessions to the institution.

As the event requires Hades the need for a wife, no one appears to be eligible for him except for a woman he met by chance before and that is Stephenie. But how far Hades can go risking everything he has to win Stephenie's heart when her ex-fiancé unexpectedly reappears to steal his wife?

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: February 1, 2022
Language: English

This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

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