The Billionaire
By harlenaislife (Author)
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Ebook: 129142 words
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Meet Marie Rodrigo. 22-year-old girl born and raised in Texas who moved to New York after High School. Works as the CEO's assistant at Alan Establishment. Has been working at Alan Establishment for a year now and loves her job.

Meet Karter Allan. 33-year-old man, youngest self-made billionaire in America. Owner and Founder of Allan Establishment. Known for being a somewhat of a playboy and a cruel boss.

What happens when Marie has an encounter with her big bad boss Karter? Will Karter start to feel attracted to Marie, can Marie break down his walls and find out why he has such trouble committing? Read the Billionaire to find out.

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: November 26, 2023
Language: English

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