Princess of Atlantis
By Eileen Holden (Author)
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Deep below the ocean surface, hidden from the world, lies the city of Atlantis.

The people of Atlantis left the surface world many years ago for the safety of their people. They pride themselves on logic and science as a way of life. Things are not done for vanity or pleasure, everything is a calculated decision and how it will impact the greater good of the Atlantean civilization.

Kasey the oldest daughter and heir to the throne of Atlantis wants nothing to do with her legacy. Her father, the leader of Atlantis, will hear nothing of Kasey’s desires for a different life and insist she do her duty as the successor to the throne. The King ignores Kasey’s pleas to allow one of her sisters to take her place, as they are better suited to rule in her opinion. Desperate to escape what she feels is an underwater prison, Kasey makes her plans to escape.

What she finds on the surface is beyond what she imagined.

Including the possibility of love.

Will Hugo manage to win her heart, or will Kasey decide that love is a different kind of prison?

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: August 4, 2016
Language: English

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