Lusting After Mr. Knight
By M.D. LaBelle (Author)
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Ebook: 37181 words
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Dani as her family calls her lovingly, has always been the quiet mousy type. She lives her life through books, while everyone else lives their lives to the fullest. Always watching the world around her, she never quite is able to command the attention of anyone except for her friends and family. When she finds out that she has to get a job to survive, she goes to the city and ends up working under Mr. knight as a stripper. Getting more than she bargains for, in the end is she naughty or nice? This is the first book in the Lusting After Mr. Knight Series. It can be read as a standalone, but because it became incredibly popular so fast, it has been made into a series. Make sure you buy the second in the series, Craving Mr. Knight where their love story continues, and you find out if she keeps stripping or if love is enough.

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: March 10, 2022
Language: English

This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

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