By Janice Martana (Author)
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Brandon Lemiere, 24 years old
Mr. Popular among girls and a big time playboy. He changed girls every night like changing shirts. Until one day his eyes landed on a beautiful girl in white dress, the girl that he landed eyes on was the girl that hate so much
Priscilla Cason, 24 years old
Dropped out from highschool because she can't pay the fees anymore, she worked hard to find money to support her life. She did it even though she dropped out at 17. She managed to get back together and with her hard work she can get into medical school. Since she needed more money she decided to find more jobs and her uncle brought her to the Lemiere clan.

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: October 23, 2023
Language: English

This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

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