Unforgiven Sins
By Manunulat Rosel
Last Post: June 23, 2022

Love that no one can't break. A love that continues the history itself. A love that she can't forget. The more you hate, the more you want. Cinyla will fall in love with a man that he really doesn't know. She will allow the man who is also part of their past. What to choose? The power of love or the dictates of the other to stop the wrong from being done? Many struggles will rise, the truth will come; and the past will return and repeat in the present.
Until where?
Until when?
Is it still right?
"Stay with me, Cinyla. I will give you everything even if I die. I can't lose you... Not only that, but I have already fallen in love with you."

You need 4 points to view each paid chapter.