Infatuated Desire
By Ridzz
Last Post: April 13, 2024

"After seeing all this, will you still be able to love me? You surely are not. That's why I was telling you to change your decision otherwise you won't have to see all this." With his one finger, he wiped her tears. His eyes were fixed on her horrified turn yellow pale face. "My love which has been in my heart for years can't be ended in a moment on seeing all this. And my decision will not change till my last breath." In weeping, she went on sitting on the floor. She was on the trajectory of that love where there was no going back. "If this is your final decision then fine. After that nikkah (marriage agreement) don't keep any kind of expectation from me." On her stubbornness, he controlled his rage and said in a defeated voice. "If you get tired from fulfilling this one-sided relationship then remember I'm always willing to let you go back. You can free yourself from this relationship." After done with his saying, he turned back abruptly. While Hadia hide her face in her hands and started crying profoundly at what he said to her.

Will Wadan accept and fall in love with Hadia whom he raised since her childhood? Or Hadia will have to forget him and give up on her love just because he doesn't her worthy to love?

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Chapters Date
Ch. 13His Harshness
Apr 13, 2024
Ch. 12Still Attracting to Her
Apr 12, 2024
Ch. 11His Scary Aura
Apr 11, 2024
Ch. 10Subjugating to His Decision
Apr 10, 2024
Ch. 9For the Sake of Aashir
Apr 9, 2024
Ch. 8Agreeing to Marry Her
Apr 8, 2024
Ch. 7She doesn't Want Freedom
Apr 7, 2024
Ch. 6His Lost Love
Apr 6, 2024
Ch. 5Death Planner
Apr 5, 2024
Ch. 4Wrong Place
Apr 4, 2024
Ch. 3Her Fuming Father
Apr 3, 2024
Ch. 2His Wrath
Apr 2, 2024
Ch. 1Fearful
Apr 1, 2024

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