Fickle Fantasies
By Marilyn Douglas
Last Post: April 27, 2021

After entering the pleasure business for money in their wild years, four friends, Jay, Ashton, Kevin and Jason go their separate ways, leaving lust and carless abandon for more mature things like wives and careers.

A fancy reunion of sorts brings them together again, but as wives are introduced to longtime pals, a different type of reuniting seems to be on the minds of those gathered. Secret lusts begin to ripple on the surface and soon one friend decides to lay his cards on the table.

One night, in the midst of a poker game, the usually quiet Jay approaches Aston with a proposition that could shake the foundation of the friendship they had built. Surprisingly, he’s not the only one willing to bet for a place in another man’s bed.

Could a wager of a wife be too much strain for the deep friendship or will it simply reveal that lusting after friend’s wife is allowed if the wager is right?

You need 1 point to view each paid chapter.