The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 14, 2023

“Shucks, that face, really," she muttered to herself. 

From the distance, she could literally see Grey's gorgeousness. He was wearing a simple v-neck black shirt and blue jeans. His jet-black hair was slightly disheveled. He was even doing anything but he was already oozing with charisma. 

Cashmere felt like everything around her went in slow motion when Grey turned to her. Their eyes met. A smile appeared on his handsome face. 

Cashmere's heart skipped a beat. 

“Cash...” Grey greeted her when he and Indigo were in front of them. 

Be still, my heart, Cashmere reminded herself. 

“Hi, Grey,” Cashmere smiled at him before turning to Indigo. "Indigo."

Her best friend also greeted the two. Indigo both give them a small smile. Unlike his bandmates, Indigo was usually silent and mysterious. 

"You two don't have class right now?" Grey asked, his gaze going back to Cashmere. 

"We still have an hour break before our next class, Grey. We decided to go to the library first. How about you two? Where are you headed?" 

“We're going to the Com Lab. We have a class at two.”

Grey looked at the basket of strawberries Cashmere was carrying in her hand. "That's a lot of strawberries, Cashmere. Where did you get that?" 

 Before Cashmere could open her mouth, her best friend already answered for her. "That's from Nico, Grey?" 

Grey brows furrowed. "Nico?" 

Irani smiled. "He's Cashmere's suitor."

Cashmere's head snapped at Irani. What suitor was her friend talking about? Nico and her were just friends. She already rejected him. 

"You already have a suitor, Cashmere?" Grey asked. 

Cashmere's eyes went back to Grey. The man was now looking at her with a frown on his handsome face. His eyebrows were deeply furrowed. 

"Does your brother know about  this?" Grey probed even before she could answer him. 

Cashmere managed to chuckle lightly. “I don't have a suitor, Grey," she answered, shaking her head. "Irani here is just kidding." Her eyes went down to the basket she was carrying. "Nico's just a friend."

"Well, because you rejected him," Irani said, looking at Grey. "Nico likes Cashmere. Nico respected Cashmere's decision, but that didn't stop him from giving her things."

Grey's eyes furrowed more. "Is that guy annoying you, Cashmere?" 

Cashmere shook her head. "No. Uh, Nico's nice. You have nothing to worry about, Grey."

Grey took another glance at the strawberry basket before nodding. "Good. Just tell me if he's bothering you."

"Just you, Grey?" Indigo asked, his brows slightly raised. 

Grey cleared her throat. "I mean, you can tell us, Cashmere. Especially to your brother."

Cashmere smiled. "Thanks, Grey."

"Well, we have to go now," Irani said, smiling at the two guys in front of us. "See you around."

"See you, Irani, Cashmere…" 

Cashmere only managed a smile as Irani already nudged her forward. 

“You're too obvious, Cash...” Irani nurtured, shaking her head as they reached the library. They went to a vacant table to put down their bags. "You literally acted like a lovestruck puppy earlier in front of him."

Cashmere carefully placed the basket of strawberries on a vacant chair beside her. "I don't know if Grey was just oblivious to your reactions towards him." She pursed her lips. "Well, men are dumb when it comes to that, anyway." 

"Really, Irani?" A lovesick puppy? I think that's an exaggeration."

"If only you could see yourself, Cashmere," she said, looking at me. "But you know what's interesting? I also noticed something about his expression earlier." 

Cashmere's brows furrowed. "What is it, Irani?" 

"Grey looked bothered when I told him about Nico." Irani raised her brows. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe… Grey feels something towards you?" 

Cashmere's lips parted with what Irani just said. Her chest hammered as the words resonated in her mind. 


Cashmere swallowed, then shook her head at her best friend. "T-that's impossible, Irani."

"Then how can you explain the look on his face earlier?" 

Cashmere pursed her lips. "He just looked shocked, Irani. And concerned. And that's because I'm his friend's little sister."

Cashmere sighed as she looked away. Grey couldn't possibly like her, could he? 

CASHMERE'S lips formed a satisfied smile after she tasted the strawberry shortcake cake that she just baked. 

After coming home from her class, she decided to make a cake using the basket of strawberries that Nico gave her. 

Aside from reading books, Cashmere only likes baking. She got her talent and interest in baking from her mother. Her mother was a pastry chef in a hotel before she became a full-time housewife. 

Cashmere was still young when her mother started exposing her to the kitchen. Her mother also taught her how to cook but Cashmere took interest more in baking. At the age of nine, Cashmere already knew how to make simple pastry dishes. 

Cashmere sighed as she thought of her mother. She suddenly missed her. Her parents aren't at home right now. They were currently on a European cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. 

“Wow, strawberry cake!”

Cashmere turned to where the loud voice came from. Standing on the doorway of the kitchen was her cousin Red.

Red grinned at her. “Now I understand why I felt like someone was pushing me to come here." He then walked towards her. 

Cashmere's lips pursed. "Who are you with, Red?" she asked him. 

"You still seriously asking me that? Who else, if not the Power Rangers?" Red answered as he grabbed a saucer and a fork. 

Cashmere couldn't help but smile at how Red addressed his friends. But her lips parted when she realized that Grey was here again. Cashmere bit her lower lip to stifle a smile. 

"Can I get some, Cash?" Red asked, but he was already slicing the cake in front of them. 

"Just one slide, Red," she told him, brows furrowed. 

“Oh, come on. Make it two for me, Cash...” Red looked at her, pouting. “You know I like eating everything you bake.” Her cousin grinned and winked at her. 

She slightly rolled her eyes at him, before putting another slice on his plate. "There. You're only allowed two slices, Red. You're not the only one eating this cake. I'd also plan to give some to my brother, and of course, Indigo… and Grey."

A small escaped her lips at the name she mentioned. She hoped that Grey would like this one. Well, she couldn't forget how he liked the carrot cake she made last month. 

When Cashmere found out that Grey likes sweets, she got more inspired by baking. And so far, Grey had nothing but praises for her baking skills. She still remembered his reaction the first time he tasted the cookies she baked. 

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