The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 23, 2023

"Oh, the electricity went off,” she muttered. 

But then Indigo resumed dancing her in the dark. 

“We keep this love in a photograph. We make these memories for ourselves.”

Chastity's lips parted when she heard that husky voice of Indigo singing. He continued the song on the stereo earlier. 

 “Happy birthday, baby,” Indigo whispered softly to her after he stopped singing. She felt his warm lips on her forehead. “I…” Then his lips went down to her nose. “…love...” His lips finally reached her lips. “…you,” he whispered before finally capturing her lips for a kiss. 

The lights went back the moment their kiss ended. 

Chastity's heart was filled with unexplainable joy as Indigo and she went home. Her heart was bursting with happiness. It was the best night of her life.

“Thank you, Indigo,” she said after reaching her house. 

“Wait. I haven't given you my gift, baby.”

She raised her brows. “I thought we're already cleared about this? I said I only want your love, right?" She pursed her lips. 

Indigo just smiled. “I have a gift for you, baby. Aside from my heart, of course."

Her eyes widened in shock when Indigo showed her his gift from the backseat of his car. It was a hardbound copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped in disbelief. “Thank you, baby."

“Wait, there's more.” Indigo showed her another small box. He opened it and it revealed a beautiful bracelet. 

Her lips parted more when Indigo suddenly knelt in front of her and put the jewelry on her ankle. She was wrong. It was an anklet. 

Indigo then looked up at her and smiled. His eyes stared right back at her. “Remember that wherever you go, I'll always be with you.” 

 A tear fell from her eye.

“Baby, why are you crying? Did you not like it? Did I disappoint you?” Indigo stood up and immediately cupped her face. "Tell me what's wrong?" 

She shook her head. "Nothing. I'm just… so happy right now. “Thank you, baby. Thank you.” She pulled him for a hug. "I love you, Indigo. This is the best birthday I've ever had."

Indigo softly smiled as he kissed the top of her head. “Anything for you, baby. Happiest birthday, my strawberry girl.”

TODAY was the final audition for the Harry Potter play that Chastity applied for. All of the students that were included in the final audition were excused from their respective classes. That includes her and Deanna. 

While waiting for her name to be called, she kept on looking at her phone. 

Chastity didn't know if Indigo attended his class today. He didn't fetch her this morning. She texted him but he didn’t reply. When she tried to call him earlier, she found out his phone was out of reach. 

She couldn't help but feel worried. She was about to look for Deanna when the girl appeared in front of her. 

"Chastity," Deanna said, looking worried. "I was actually looking for you. I have something to tell you about Indigo."

“He didn't fetch this morning," she said, worried. "I also couldn't contact him. I couldn't help but feel worried." 

“Actually, he was sick, Chastity.” Deanna sighed. “I think my cousin needs you right now. He's alone at home, Chas."

“Thanks for telling me, Deanna. I'm going to him.”

Without having second thoughts, Chastity immediately left the theater building. 

Upon arriving at Indigo's house, she was welcomed by their house help, Manang Nely. She already met the old woman. “Manang, how's Indigo?” 

Manang Nely gave her a small smile. “He's in the garden, Chastity. I asked him to stay in his room but he said he doesn't want to.” 

Chastity went to the garden. Her lips parted when she saw Indigo lying on the Bermuda grass. His eyes were closed, her face facing the sky. 

 “Indigo,” she said as she stopped in front of him. She sat next to him. 

“Chas.” Indigo opened his eyes. His brows furrowed at her. "What are you doing here?" He immediately gOt up. "You have classes, right?" 

She ignored him. “Deanna told me you're sick.” She sighed as she placed her hand on his forehead. His temperature was normal, though. But then his face looked like he wasn't okay. 

 “I’m fine, baby.” Indigo gave her a small smile. “I just… I just didn’t like to go to school today.” He sighed. "I'm sorry if I made you worried."

“I called you but your phone is off.”

“I’m sorry, baby. I forgot to charge my phone. I'm really preoccupied right now,” he gave her an apologetic smile. “How were you able to come here? You have classes right?”

She pursed her lips. “Uh, I'm excused from class today. excuse ako sa klase. Today was the final audition for the Harry Potter play.”

His brows furrowed more. “Then what are you doing here? You should be at the audition, baby…”

She just smiled at him. “It's okay, baby. That play's not that important to me. Besides I don't think they'd get me for the role." She pursed her lips. "It's a theater play, baby. I know I sucked at acting."

But then Indigo stood up and held her hand. “Let’s go back to school. Go back to the audition, baby.”

She shook her head, smiling at him. "It's okay, Indigo. The audition for the role I wanted has already ended by now." She glanced at her watch. 

“I’m sorry, baby.” Indigo sighed. 

She frowned at him. "Hey, why are you saying sorry? It was my decision to come here, Indigo."

Indigo looked at her. “I know that audition was important to you.” 

“But you're more important, baby," she answered with a smile. "Do you think I'd choose to go to that audition knowing that my boyfriend is sick?" 

Indigo sighed. "I'm not sick, Chas. I just don't really like going out of the house today. I'm sorry."

"Then you don't really feel well." She touched his face. "Let's go inside. Manang Nely said you don't want to stay in your room. How will you get better if you stay here?" She sighed. "And why were you lying here on the grass? Really, Indigo?" 

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