The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 22, 2023

Chastity's eyes widened when he suddenly planted a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Indigo.” she bit her lower lip as she looked around. "Don't do that again here. "Someone might see us."

Indigo softly chuckled as he let go of her. "Sorry, baby. Couldn't help it. You looked so adorable."

“Congrats, Chas,” Deanna greeted her when she saw each other in the classroom. 

Chastity smiled at her. “Congrats din, Deanna.”

Just like her, Deanna also passed the preliminary audition. Ever since Indigo and her became together, Deanna suddenly became kinder to her. 

She was in the middle of her class when she received a text message from Indigo. 

 I forgot to tell you. My dad's inviting you for dinner. 

Chastity already met Indigo's father last week. His father was a kind man. He was half Japanese and had the same eyes as Indigo. 

After their dinner with Indigo's father, Indigo asked her to come with him to his room. 

"What are we going to do in your room?" she asked him as they stopped on his door. 

“Hmm, up to you, Chas? What do you want to do?" he asked in a playful tone. There was a mischievous smile on his handsome face.

Her eyes widened at him. “Indigo! Remember that my parents trusted you."

Indigo chuckled as he kissed her hand. “Don’t worry, baby. You’re safe with me." He smiled. "I won't break your parents' trust, I promise."

Chastity's eyes widened upon entering Indigo's room. He had a collection of guitars. 

“Wow, these are all yours?” she asked as her eyes examined every single guitar in his room. 

There are at least twenty guitars of different classes. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar.

“These are nothing compared to your collection of books.” Indigo said, smiling at her. 

“But these are more expensive compared to my books!" she said. Her eyes went back to him. "When did you learn how to play the guitar?" 

“I was three when my dad first taught me. He was a former member of a band.”

“Wow, really?” she asked, in total awed.

Indigo grabbed one of his acoustic guitars and sat on the couch. “Come here.” he said, tapping the space next to him. 

Chastity occupied the space beside Indigo and watched him played the guitar in his hand.  

“Wait, I know that song,” she said when she heard the familiar note. 

Indigo smiled. “Can you sing it for me?”

Chastity chuckled, shaking her head. “No. My voice is not that good."

Indigo raised his brows at her. “Come on, Chas. Sing for me, baby." He asked her in a soft and husky voice of his.

Chastity then pursed her lips. This time, she knew she couldn’t say no to him. 

“Fine. But I'm telling you, my voice's not really good."

She then cleared her throat and started singing. 

 “Cause when I am with you, there’s no place I’d rather be…” 

She pursed her lips and stopped. 

"Why did you stop?" Indigo asked. 

"I don't like hearing my voice. I told you it's not good."

Indigo pursed his own lips and put down his guitar. "Guess you're right. You don't have talent when it comes to singing."

She playfully rolled her eyes at him. 

But then Indigo chuckled and hugged her from the side. “I'm just kidding, baby.” 

Chastity grabbed the guitar and strummed it. 

“Let me teach you.” Indigo said. He shifted on his seat and properly placed her fingers into the strings of the guitar. 

"I really don't have talent when it comes to music," Chastity sighed when she couldn't get whatever Indigo's telling her. 

“Come on, baby. You can do it. I'll give you a prize if you manage to get this note."

“What prize?” she asked in an interesting tone. 

“Kiss.” He winked at her.

She raised her eyebrows at him. "What do you think of me? Addicted by your kisses?" 

“Hmm, aren't you, baby?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Shut up, Indigo." 

Indigo's chuckle filled her ears. “I'm just kidding, baby,” he said, hugging her from the side. He rested her chin on her shoulder and sniffed her. 

 Chastity pursed her lips and cocked her head to look at Indigo. 

“So, you won't really give me a kiss if I manage to play a note?"

A playful smile curled up on his lips. "And here I thought you're not addicted to my kisses?" he asked, obviously teasing her. 

“Uh, I hate you, Indigo.” She tried to remove his hand on her waist but then Indigo just hugged her more. Then he planted a soft kiss on her cheek. 

“I love you, my vanilla girl.”

EVERY senior high student was at the gymnasium that day for a special event. 

Chastity tried to look for Indigo in the sea of crowds, but then she failed. 

    Eyes on the stage, baby.

    Her eyes widened when she received that text from Indigo. 

    Where are you? she texted back. 

But Indigo didn't reply to her anymore. She tried to focus her attention on the speaker in front but then she got bored. 

She sighed and got her notebook from her bag. There, she started writing all the things that she wanted to do together with Indigo. She got so occupied by it that she didn't notice Indigo was already beside her. 

 “Hi, baby.”

Her eyes widened when she heard Indigo's husky voice beside her. 

 “Indigo!” she muttered. 

“What’s that, baby?” he asked while looking at her notebook.

“Huh? Nothing..” She said as she immediately closed her notebook. But before she put her back on her bag, Indigo already took it away from her. 

“Indigo!” her eyes widened in panic. 

“Baby, what's in here and you're panicking like that?" Indigo asked, his face filled with curiosity. 

“Nothing… just give that to me, baby.” She bit her lower lip when she noticed they had already caught the attention of the students near them.

“I'll just take a look, baby." Indigo said, smiling at her. 

"Fine," she said in a small voice. Even if she wasn't facing a mirror, she knew her face was as red as strawberries. 

“Things I want to do with Indigo,” Indigo said, reading what's written on her notebook. “First, go on an extreme ride.” Indigo then stopped and turned to her. “Extreme ride, baby?” he asked, the corner of his lips curled up in a smile. 

“Rollercoaster, zipline, or bungee jumping and the likes," she answered, shrugging her shoulders and trying to hide her embarrassment. 

Indigo nodded before his gaze went back to her notebook. “Go on a road trip. Watch the sunrise. Dance under the stars. Kiss under the fireworks.” Indigo smiled and licked his lower lip. “I like the fifth the most.”

Her cheeks flushed at his comment. 

“You're blushing hard, baby.” Indigo said, now staring at her. 

She pursed her lips and playfully squinted her eyes at him. “Your fault.”

Indigo just smiled as he held her hand. “I like this list, baby. Let's do this one by one, okay?”

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