The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 19, 2023

“REALLY? You asked me to come here with you just to eat ice cream?" Chastity asked Indigo. 

After their class, Indigo asked her to go with him to the mall. He said he was craving a gelato.

“What? You don't want to eat with me?" he asked, a playful smile on his lips. 

She pursed her lips. “Of course, I want to. I was just asking, you know." He held Indigo's hand and pulled him inside a bookstore nearby. "But since we're here, I have to buy a book first before we eat."

Chastity brought Indigo to the new releases section of the bookstore. 

She picked up two books from the shelf and showed it to Indigo. "What do you think I should buy for now?" she asked. 

 “Just buy both.” Indigo answered.

Chastity pursed her lips. “I can't. I could only afford one for now. I'm saving money for Percy's bed."

Indigo didn't answer back, instead he took the book from her and pulled her to the cashier. "I'll buy these two books for you."

Her lips parted at him. "No need, Indigo. You don't have to do that."

Indigo turned to her and smiled. "But I want to, Chas. Let me, okay?" 

“Thank you, Indigo. I'll pay you when my allowance comes.” she said as he handed her the paper bag. 

“No need, Chas.” Indigo smiled. 

“No. I need to pay you, Indigo. You're not even my boyfriend."

He raised his eyebrows at her. "So I need to be your boyfriend if I want to pay for the books that you like?" 

She swallowed. Her heart was suddenly hammering inside her chest. "Uh… no. I mean, even if you're my boyfriend, I won't let you pay for the things I want to buy."

“Hmm.” He chuckled before grabbing her hand. “Let's go. Let's have ice cream now.”

Indigo pulled her to a famous ice cream parlor. 

 “Wait for me here.” Indigo said after they settled on the table in the corner. 

When Indigo was back, he was holding a tray of ice cream cake. 

Her lips parted as he placed the ice cream cake on their table. There was a message written on top using strawberries. The message reads: I LIKE YOU.


Chastity stared at the personalized cake in front of her, then her gaze went to Indigo. 

His eyes met hers. His eyes boring holes into hers. “I like you, Chas. I like you more than how I like strawberries.”

“More than you like strawberries?” she asked in an amused tone. 

“Yes. I will survive weeks or months without eating strawberries but I don’t think I can survive a day without seeing you…” Indigo held her hand, then brought it to his lips. He planted a soft kiss on her knuckles while his eyes were never leaving hers. 

“I like you so much. Please, be my girl.”

Chastity bit her lower lip when she felt the corner of her eyes heating up. 

“I like you, too… Indigo," she admitted, smiling softly at him. "I like you more than how I like vanilla ice cream and it says a lot because my day isn’t complete without having vanilla ice cream…” 

CHASTITY couldn't help but glance at Indigo's hand on hers. 

Until now, she still couldn't believe that they were already together. She was still giddy every time she remembered how he admitted his feelings to her. 

She was even surprised when Indigo fetched her at home that morning. She already informed her parents about Indigo and formally introduced him to them as her boyfriend. 

 Both her parents like Indigo, especially her mom.


Indigo turned his head at her. “What, baby?”

She blinked then pursed her lips at him. “Baby?” she asked, slightly raising her eyebrows.

“You don't want it, Chas?”

She bit her lower lip to stop herself from smiling wide. “It's a bit corny. But still, I like it…baby.” 

Indigo smiled back at her. 

“See you later, baby,” Indigo said when they reached her classroom. Before he let go of her hand, he brought it first to his lips and planted a kiss on it. "Good luck in your class. Don't think of me too much." He playfully smiled at her. 

She playfully rolled her eyes at him. “See you later.”

Chastity entered her classroom with a big smile on her face. Darn. She felt she was floating on the clouds right now. 

"So, you and Indigo?" 

Chastity noticed Deanna near her. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she looked at Chas. 

"You're my cousin's girlfriend now?" Deanna probed, raising her brows at her. 

Chastity gave Deanna a small smile. "Uh, yeah."

Deanna looked at her from head to toe. Chastity expected that Deanna would insult her. But then she was shocked when Deanna suddenly smiled at her. “Happy for you, Chastity.”

She blinked and returned Deanna's smile. “Uh, thank you, Deanna.”

“HEY… what's wrong, baby?” 

Indigo asked Chas when he fetched her that morning. 

Chastity sighed as he turned to her boyfriend. "It's Percy, babe."

"What did Percy do?" Indigo asked in an amused tone.

"Well, I was rereading one of my Harry Potter books last night when Mom called for me. When I came back to my room, I saw my book was wet with Percy's urine." Chastity sighed again. “That’s one of my favorite and most precious books,” she told him. "Mom even bought that set in the UK!" 

"I'm sorry, baby." Indigo said, tucking the strands of her hand behind her ear. "But please, don't be too sad. I hate seeing you like that."

She pursed her lips and gave him a small smile. But then her mood lifted up when they reached the school. She found out that she passed the preliminary audition in the Harry Potter play. It was the first time she auditioned in a theater play that's why she was over the moon. 

“Congrats, baby,” Indigo said to her. He hugged her from behind as placed his chin on her shoulder. "I'm so proud of you."

“Thank you, Indigo.” she smiled. "I know you will get that role."

She pursed her lips. "I still have to go to the final audition, Indigo."

"Hmm, I'm sure you'd get it, baby." 

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