The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 12, 2023

"I really admire that guy's fighting spirit, huh," Irani commented while our eyes were following Nico as he walked to the exit of the cafeteria. "You already rejected him but it feels like he's still not giving up."

Irani turned to her. "Don't you feel anything for Nico even a bit? He's also a catch, Cashmere. He's handsome, tall, rich, and smart."

Her best friend was right. Nico was definitely a catch. Many of their classmates have a crush on him. Aside from his looks, he was also smart and a responsible student. He's already a member of the student council. 

Cashmere sighed as her eyes landed on the basket of strawberries in front of her. "That's the thing, Irani. I just really don't feel anything for him.”

Maybe, if Cashmere's heart hadn't been occupied by Grey, it wouldn't be impossible for her to like Nico. But too bad, Grey was the only man she could see right now. 

She grinned while looking at her best friend. “All I could see right now is Grey, Irani."

Irani shook her head. "Tsk. You're too loyal to that guy."

Irani personally knew the four members of Flying Colors since she always sees them every time her best friend visits Cashmere's house. 

Cashmere and Irani had been best friends since high school. Some people say that most friendships in high school don't last, but that's not the case with her and Irani. Their friendship became stronger when they entered the same university and took up the same course. Both of them are bookworms, so they decided to take up English Literature. 

"Look, Cash, there's Grey!" 

Cashmere snapped her head in the direction her best friend Irani pointed out but she got disappointed when she didn't see any sign of Grey. "Where? I don't see him."

She frowned as her eyes went back to Irani. 

Irani playfully grinned at her. 

"I'm just kidding you, Cashmere. You're really so fast to react when it comes to Grey." She shook her head. 

 "Ever since you met him, you never developed crushes on any other guys. All I hear from you is Grey, Grey, Grey…" Her best friend looked at her with a serious face. "Are you sure what you've been feeling for Grey is just a harmless crush?" 

“Huh?” My eyebrows furrowed at her question. "What do you mean Irani?" 

Irani took out her cell phone from her bag. She opened it and showed it to her. "I read an article on the internet, Cashmere. Here. I saved it on my phone." 

Cashmere looked at Irani's phone screen. 

“Here. According to this article, If your infatuation with someone last over a year and more, it was not infatuation anymore. There's a bigger chance that you are in love with that person already and you just don’t know it yet.

Irani put down her phone and turned her gaze to Cashmere. "Well, you've been crushing on Grey for more than a year now, right? If this article is true… then it means there's a possibility that what you've been feeling for him is no longer infatuation. You might be in love with him already, Cashmere."

“In love?” Cashmere muttered in a small voice. She cleared her throat. “I don't think so, Irani...” 

Cashmere admitted to herself that at her age, she still didn't know the difference between a simple infatuation and love. But she wanted to believe that what she had been feeling for Grey was far from love. Because she knew that love is a scary thing. She couldn't be in love at her age. 

 “It was just a deep infatuation, Irani. Nothing more.”

“Very deep for that matter,” Irani commented. “Well, I can't blame you for feeling that way toward Grey. That guy is oozing with good looks and charisma. Together with his three bandmates. Almost half of the campus population was going gaga over either one of those four. And that population includes you, my dear best friend."

The four members of the Flying Colors were very popular throughout the whole university, especially with the female population. Every time they perform during school events, half of the female students are in their crowd. 

"Yeah," Cashmere sighed. "And Grey is the most good-looking among the four. Next to him is my brother, of course."

Irani pursed her lips. "Hmm, you're my best friend but I disagree with you on this one, Cash. For me, Red is the most handsome among them." 

Cashmere made a cringe face. "Really, Red?" But then she raised her eyebrows at her best friend when she realized something. "Wait, wait… you hate my cousin, right? Why are you suddenly praising him?" 

Her best friend Irani and her cousin Red were like cats and dogs. They always bicker every time they see each other. 

Irani just shrugged her shoulders as she sipped on her orange juice. 

“Well, even if I hate that annoying cousin of yours, I can't deny that he's one of the most good-looking males here in our university. And that he's freaking talented and full of charisma."

Cashmere gave her best friend a teasing look. "Maybe you're already developing a crush on Red, Irani."

Irani made a face. “Excuse me? That won't ever happen, Cash," she answered with full conviction. "He's good-looking, alright. But he's not my type. I want athletic and nice guys."

 "But my cousin's also in the varsity, Irani. He's part of the basketball team."

Irani frowned. “But he's not nice, Cash. Your cousin's a bully."

A few minutes later, they had already left the cafeteria. 

Cashmere glanced at her watch. "It's still an hour before our next class, Irani."

"Then let's go to the library first," Irani suggested, to which Cashmere agreed too. 

The library was a few minutes walk from the cafeteria. While they were walking down the concrete walkway, Irani nudged her shoulder. 

"Cash, there's Grey."

Instead of looking in the direction Irani has been pointing, Cashmere pursed her lips. 

“You can't fool me again, Irani."

“Well, I'm serious this time, Cashmere,” Irani muttered beside me. 

With what her best friend just said, Cashmere automatically turned her eyes in the direction Irani was looking at. 

Her best friend was right. There was Grey, walking in the opposite direction Irani and I were going. He was with Indigo. 

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