The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 19, 2023

This time, Chastity finally stopped and turned around to face Indigo. Her brows furrowed as she met his gaze. "I'm not mad at you, Indigo. Why would I be?" 

She was being unreasonable. She wanted to tell him she was annoyed because she saw him with another girl earlier, but she knew she didn't have any right to question him about that matter. 

For him, she was just a friend. It was just her who likes Indigo. She was the only one putting malice into their friendship.

Indigo sighed as he examined her face. "You're really mad at me, Chas. I could feel it."

She rolled her eyes at him. "I told you I'm not mad," she insisted. "Why did you follow me, anyway? Just go back to the camp and continue talking to Deanna!" 

Indigo's brows furrowed in confusion. Then slowly, the corner of his lips curled up as if he just realized something. “Are you jealous of Deanna?”

Chastity swallowed hard. She then scoffed at him. "Huh? What are you talking about, Indigo? So what if I saw you talking to her? Stop assuming things. I'm not jealous and I won't be jealous even if you talk to all the other girls here at camp." She rolled her eyes at him. 

Indigo raised his brows at her. “Then why are you being defensive?”

Her lips parted. “What defensive? I'm not, Indigo. Shut up and leave me alone."

She glared at him before turning her back. She continued walking without looking back. Her steps in a hurry while she was trying to calm her nerves. 

“Chas.” Indigo continued to chase her. 

"I said don't follow me."

Indigo grabbed her arm. "Stop, Chastity—" 

His words were cut off when they suddenly fell in a pit. 

Chastity let out a shriek as her butt hit the hard ground. 

“Are you okay, Chas?” Indigo turned to her. His face was full of concern as he touched her arm. He helped her get up. 

“I'm… fine.” she said, fixing her hair. She then looked up. They fell into what it seemed like a five foot pit. 

She blinked her eyes then looked back at Indigo beside her. “Ugh, it was your fault we fell into this pit. You shouldn't have followed me. How are we going to get out of here now?"

She looked around. The pit was only two meters wide. There was nothing in there aside from small rocks and dried leaves. 

“Don’t worry, I'm sure they would find us here. Before sunset hits, I'm sure they were looking at us."

She rolled her eyes at Indigo and crossed her arms over chest. 


She gave him an annoyed look. “What?”

He sighed. “I'm sorry for making you jealous.”

His chinky eyes were looking at her with such intensity. His stare was enough to make her heart beat faster. It was enough to send butterflies in her stomach, and to shatter her defense in front of him.

“I-i told you I'm not jealous.” she said, but her voice lacked conviction. 

“Hmm,” he said as if he didn't hear what she just said. “I just want to clear one thing. Deanna is my cousin.”

Her lips parted at him. “Deanna is your cousin?”

Indigo nodded. "Yup."

She gave him a doubtful look. "Really? But she didn't look anything like you. She's even got big eyes."

Indigo bit his lower lip as if stifling a smile. But then his sharp eyes were glinting with something. He looked amused… and happy. 

“She was my cousin from my mother's side. I got my eyes from my father." 

Indigo smiled at her. "You don't have any reason to be jealous of her, Chas. She's a relative."

Her brows furrowed. "I told you I wasn't jealous, Indigo," she continued to deny, clearing her throat. 

This time, her cheeks felt hot with embarrassment. “We're just friends, right? So why would I be jealous?”

His chinky eyes looked straight at her. Her heart started to beat faster with the kind of look Indigo was giving her. 

 “We both know we're never and never will be just friends, Chastity.” he whispered, his voice husky and smooth. 

Chastity swallowed hard when Indigo took a step closer to her, slowly erasing the distance between each other. 

"I-Indigo.. What are you doing?" she asked, her heart beating so hard and fast. 

But before Indigo could open his mouth to answer, some familiar voices of her classmates interrupted them. 

“Chas! What are you doing there?"

Chastity didn't know if she'd be thankful for them. 

“WE both know we're never and never will be just friends...”

Those words from Indigo kept on playing in Chastity's mind that night. She couldn't sleep because of it. 

She sighed as she looked around. All of her group mates were already asleep. She was the only one still awake. And she wanted to blame Indigo for that. 

He likes me, too… Chastity thought to herself. 

She didn't like to assume things but then after Indigo said those words earlier, she couldn't help but assume that he likes her, too. 

She bit her lower lip to stop herself from smiling wide. She was about to close her eyes when her cell phone lit up. 

Her eyes widened when she saw Indigo's name on the screen. 

Still awake? 

She immediately typed in a reply. 


Meet me outside. I'm here near your tent.

Upon reading his text, she hurriedly stood up. She ran her fingers through her hair before quietly sneaked out of their tent. 

She immediately saw Indigo. He was wearing gray hoodies and jogging pants. His hair was in a mess, his diamond earring glinting like stars in the middle of the night.

She went to him. “What are you doing here?” she asked in a small voice, afraid to make a noise.

“I just want to make sure you'll sleep well tonight.” He handed her a small bottle. She looked at it. It was a bottle of insect repellent lotion. 

She blinked. Then she looked at him and smiled. “Thank you, Indigo.”

He smiled back. “You're welcome, Chas. Good night.”

“Good night.” She whispered softly. 

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