The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 19, 2023

Chastity felt her heart skip a beat. She bit her lower lip. "Fine. But don't get mad if I sleep on you."

"Hmm, don't worry. I wouldn't mind, Chas. In fact, you can even leaned on me and sleep on my shoulder."

The butterflies in her stomach started to dance. She then cleared her throat and put back her earphone on her left ear. 

“What are you listening to?” Indigo asked. 

Before she could answered, he already picked up her other earphone and put the other bud on his ear. 

“A sky full of stars, huh.” he said as he listened to the music playing from her phone. When the chorus came, her lips parted when she heard Indigo's voice. 

“Cause you're a sky full of stars…” Indigo's soft voice reached her ear. 

Chastity felt like something warm and soft was covering her entire being. 

He really had a good voice. It sounded like a lullaby to her ears. 

“You’re a sky full of stars.” he whispered the last line. 

“Indigo?” she muttered. 

“Hmm?” he turned to her. 

“Your voice. It's making me sleepy.”

“Come here.”

Chastity blinked when Indigo pulled her closer to him. Then he softly placed her head on his shoulder. 

 Instead of moving away, she let her head rest on his shoulder. Then she closed her eyes. 

She woke up and found out that their bus was stopped in a station. She cocked her head to her left but Indigo wasn't there. Instead, his jacket was on hers.

She picked up Indigo's jacket and brought it near her face. Holy cow. His jacket smelled like him.

“You’re awake.”

She almost jumped in surprise upon hearing Indigo's voice. She was busy inhaling his jacket and she didn't notice he was back. 

"Why did you leave your jacket here, Indigo?" she asked him. 

“How about you, why are you smelling my jacket?” he asked, the corner of his lips curled up in a smile. 

Her lips parred. "Huh? What are you talking about? I'm not smelling it."

He grinned. “Really, Chas?”

She rolled her eyes at him before giving him back his jacket. “Take it back, Indigo. I'm not really cold."

 A small chuckle escaped his lips as he accepted his jacket. “I bought you croissants, by the way.” He handed her a paper bag. 

“Thank you.” She opened the bag and took a piece of bread. She took a bite of it. 



She stilled when she noticed Indigo was seriously looking at her face. His chinky eyes were staring at her…no he was looking at her lips. “Why, Indigo?”

Instead of answering her, his hand went to her face. His fingers softly touched her chin and wiped something off it. 

His heart was jumping in and out of her chest. She felt a small amount of electricity travel through her skin.

“You have breadcrumbs on the corner of your lips…”

She swallowed. “T-thanks, Indigo.”

Indigo smiled, making her heart beat like crazy. “You’re welcome, Chas.”

IT was nine in the morning when they arrived at the camping site. 

After getting off the bus, the organizers grouped them. Indigo already went to his classmates.  

“Chastity, I didn't know you already have a boyfriend," Jana teased her. She was one of her classmates and groupmates for this event. They were currently building their tent where they would sleep later tonight. 

“Huh?” she turned to her, confused. "What boyfriend are you talking about?" 

“The handsome guy seated beside you on the bus earlier!" she answered, still grinning at her. 

Oh. She was talking about Indigo. “He's not my boyfriend,” she said with a small smile. "We're just friends."

"Hmm? Really?" she probed, doubtful. "But he's so sweet to you earlier. He even politely asked out classmates not to make loud noises when you were sleeping."

Chastity's lips parted. "Really? He did that?"

Jane nodded at her. “He's the sweetest, isn't he?"

She bit her lower lip to stop herself from smiling wife. She couldn't help but feel giddy with what Jana had said to her. 

But then a smile automatically appeared on her face when she saw Indigo. But then her smile ended when she realized Indigo was not alone. 

He was talking to a girl. And that girl was familiar to her. It was Deanna, her classmate. 

She didn't know that they knew about each other. They even seemed close. She felt like something pinched her heart when she saw  how Deanna held on to Indigo's arm. 

She took a deep breath and decided to go back to her tent. She blinked when she felt the corner of her eyes was heated with tears. 

She was upset. She knew it was normal since she was crushing in Indigo.

Really? You're just crushing on him? 

Fine. I like him. Chastity admitted to herself.

She liked Indigo. More than a friend. The first time she saw him, she already couldn't deny the attraction she felt towards him. 

“Chastity, your boyfriend's outside our tent. He's looking for you," Jana said to her that afternoon. Her classmate was grinning at her from ear to ear. 

She frowned at her classmate."I told you he's not my boyfriend."

“Hmp! As if I believe you, Chas." Jana said, continuously grinning at her. "Come on, go meet him outside."

She just rolled her eyes. "Tsk. What is he waiting for me? I have no reason to talk to him." She crossed her arms over her chest. 

But then after a few minutes, she already found herself getting out of the tent to see Indigo. 

There he was. Standing in front of their tent. But instead of greeting him, she just walked past him. 

 “Chas... Where are you going?” Indigo asked, following her. 

"Hmm, just going to walk around," she answered without looking back at him. She continued to walk away from their station and Indigo continued to follow her. 

“Chas, is there something wrong?” Indigo asked. 

“Nothing,” she answered in a cold voice. 

“Then are you mad at me?" Indigo probed. "I feel like you don't want to talk to me."

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