The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 17, 2023

Chastity bIt her lower lip to stop herself from smiling wide. 

Upon arriving at the mall, she immediately pulled Indigo towards the bookstore. After buying some books, she asked him to the arcade center. They tried playing all the games there. 

After trying the shooting arcade, she pulled him into a toy catcher machine. 

“Aw!” Chastity pouted after her fifth try. "I really can't catch a stuffed toy."

“Come on. Let me try this time.” Indigo said, replacing her in front of the toy catcher machine. 

“Go, Indigo! You can do it,” Chastity cheered Indigo as he tried to get the pink hello kitty stuffed toy on the catcher machine. 

But then just like her, Indigo also failed after a couple of tries. 

“It's okay, Indigo.” she said after another failed attempt. “Let's just try another game.”

“No. One last try.” he said before putting in another token on the machine. She pursed her lips as he watched him looking determined to get the stuffed toy. 

“Whoah!” Her eyes widened in surprise when Indigo finally succeeded to get the stuffed toy this time. 

Indigo turned to her with a proud grin on his face. “Try and try until you succeed, Chas.” He winked at her and wiggled the stuffed toy in his hand. 

“Well, you're right.” she said, chuckling. 

“Here.” Indigo smiled and handed her the stuffed toy. 

She blinked at him. “Really? You're giving this to me?” 

Chastity felt like something tickled her heart. “Thank you, Indigo.”

“You're welcome, Chas.” he said before he placed his arm on her shoulders. “Let’s go and find a place to eat. I'm already starving.”

While walking on the mall, she simply glanced at Indigo's hand on her shoulder. She suddenly felt the butterflies in her stomach. But instead of moving away from him, she just looked at his face. "Hmm, are you going to treat me to dinner?"

Indigo looked back at her. “Where do you want to eat?”

Her lips pursed. “Are you serious, Indigo? You're really going to treat me?”

Indigo smiled at her. "Of course, Chas."

Chastity smiled as she looked around. She pointed at a Korean restaurant nearby. "There."

"Alright. Let's go there."

“Do you like Korean cuisine?” Indigo asked her while they were busy putting fresh meat on the grill. 

Chas nodded. “Yup. Even my mother and my best friend Karen love Korean food. We're all fans of samgyupsal."

 Using her chopstick, she picked up grilled meat, dipped it in a sauce before putting it in her mouth. 

“You know what, Chas? I noticed something in you.”

Chastity swallowed hard. “Huh? What is it?” 

Did Indigo finally notice that she was always staring at him? Did he finally notice how her cheeks flushed every time he touched her? 

“I'm the only one cooking here, Chastity," he said, raising his eyebrows at her. "All you do is eat."

Chastity blinked a few times. Then he finally managed to chuckle. She was wrong then. 

“Sorry, Indigo.” She guiltily grinned at him. Then she picked up the grilled meat and put it in front of Indigo's mouth. “Say, ah, Indigo.”

Indigo pursed his lips before he opened it and took the food in her chopstick. While he was chewing his food, Chastity couldn't help stare at his lips. His lips were naturally red.

Then she noticed the sauce on the corner of his lips. She picked up a tissue and wiped the sauce off Indigo's lips.

Indigo looked surprised with what she did. But then it was too late to back down now. 

She cleared her throat. “Uh, you have sauce on the corner of your lips.”

 “Thanks, Chas,” Indigo softly said to her while looking straight at her eyes. Her heart was suddenly beating like crazy.

“Uh…” Chastity still managed a small smile before looking down at her food. “Welcome, Indigo.”

WHAT'S your class bus number, Chas? 

Chastity read the text message Indigo sent her. Today was the camping of the senior high students in their school. Just like her class, Indigo's class also participated in the event.

Bus No. 8. How about you? 

Bus #5. Who are you seated with? 

Chastity turned her head to the vacant seat beside her. It was supposed to be occupied by her classmate Abigail. But then Abigail couldn't join then since she got sick. 

I have no seatmate. It's sad here. ☹

She waited for Indigo's reply, then her cell phone didn't beeped again. 

She pursed her lips when twenty minutes had already passed and Indigo still hadn't replied. 

“We’ll be leaving in thirty minutes,” their class adviser announced. 

 Chastity placed the earphones on her ears before scrolling her music library on her phone. She played relaxing music before she leaned on her seat and closed her eyes. 

 A few minutes passed, she felt someone take the seat beside her. Her brows furrowed when she inhaled a familiar scent. 

She opened her eyes and cocked her head to her right. Her lips parted when she saw Indigo beside her.

She shifted on her seat and took out her earphone. 

“What are you doing here?” she asked him, looking very surprised. 

"You said you were sad because you don't have a seat mate," he said, smiling. "So here I am."

She examined his look. He was wearing a varsity jacket, maong pants, converse shoes and a black baseball cap.

“What, Chas. Do I look good?” Indigo said, playfully winking at her. His chinky eyes were smiling at her.

“Huh! You're getting conceited Indigo!” she muttered. She playfully rolled her eyes at him to hide her wild beating of her heart. "How did you get here? You're not allowed to transfer to our bus, right?" 

Indigo raised his brows. “Who said that, Chas?”

“Wait? So you're really here?" she asked, still couldn't believe Indigo was beside her. 

“Hmm, you don't want me here with you?” he asked. 

She pursed her lips. “Of course, I want you here. But I'm worried for you. You aren't supposed to be here in our bus."

Indigo just gave her an easy smile. "Don't worry, Chas. I already talked to both our advisers." He winked at her.

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