The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 17, 2023

After a few minutes of walking, they finally stopped in front of her three story house.

“So, this is our home,” Chastity said to Indigo. “Come inside first.” 

She opened the gate and pulled Indigo inside. Chastity immediately saw her mother in the garden area.

"Chastity, you're here." Her mother stood up and looked at them. "Oh, you're with someone."

She smiled at her mother. “Ma, this is Indigo.” 

    “Good afternoon, Ma’am.” Indigo politely greeted her mother. "I'm Indigo, Chastity's friend."

Her mother gave Indigo a warm smile. "Nice to meet you, hijo. By the way, you've got beautiful eyes. Do you have Korean blood, Indigo? You know, I suddenly remembered one of the Korean actors I've been watching while looking at you."

"Ma, he's not Korean," Chastity told her mother. 

Chastity turned to Indigo. She noticed his face was slightly red with her mother's praise. “I’m actually half Japanese.” 

 “I'm sorry about my mom,” Chastity whispered to Indigo when her mother left her to answer her phone calls. “She's a Korean drama addict that's why she has a fascination with Korean actors."

Indigo smiled at her. "It's okay, Chastity."

“I'm sorry I have to leave you two. I have to go to your dad's office, Chas,” her mother announced when she came back from her call. 

"It's okay, Mom. Take care." Chastity said. 

Her mother smiled at her. Then she turned to Indigo beside her. "Stay for a while, hijo. I asked our house help to prepare snacks for you two."

"Come on, Indigo." Chastity pulled Indigo inside their house after her mother's car left. "I'll introduce to you Percy."

Indigo's brows furrowed in curiosity. “Percy? You have a brother?”

She laughed, shaking her head. “No. Percy's my dog.”

They were welcomed by a white poodle upon entering the living room. 

“Percy!” Chastity scooped up her dog and showed it to Indigo. 

“Indigo, this is Percy. My very cute dog.” Percy was an advance gift from her parents for her birthday next month. 

 “Hmm, let me guess. Did you name him after Percy Jackson?” Indigo asked, amusement was on his face as he played with her dog. 

She smiled. “Yup.” She named her dog after Percy Jackson. They played with Percy for a while before they let him take a rest.

 “Do you want to see my library?” she asked Indigo when she noticed he was looking around the house. 

“You have a library?” he asked. 

"Yeah. Upstairs." Aside from her father's office, Chastity has her own library upstairs. It was filled with her collection of books and comics.

She led Indigo upstairs. Together, they entered her library which was only located beside her bedroom. 

 She was seven years old when she started collecting books. After a decade, she already has a thousand books in her library. 

“Wow,” Indigo muttered in awe as he looked around the room. "Have you read all of these?" 

“Yup," she answered, a proud smile on her face.

“You're a certified bibliophile.” he commented. 

Indigo took a book from the shelf. It was Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember. 

"That's one of my favorite romance books." Chastity said. 

Indigo curiously examined the book cover. “Really? What's the story of this?” he asked. 

Chastity smiled and told him the gist of the story.

“So, did they live happily ever after?” Indigo asked her. 

“Unfortunately, no. Jamie died in the end.” Chastity sighed as she remembered how much she cried over that particular book. “But It’s still one of my favorite books. Even though the ending was tragic.”

Indigo returned the book to the shelf before he pulled out another. “What about this?” he asked. 

Chastity's lips parted when she saw the book in his hand. 

 “What's the story of this?” Indigo probed. 

It was the first book of the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day.

“Uh… that’s a love story,” Chastity cleared her throat before grabbing the book from him. She immediately put back the book on the shelf before pulling Indigo outside the library. "Let's go. I think our snacks are ready."

“So, you’re reading erotica?” Indigo suddenly asked her while they were going down the staircase. 

Chastity almost tripped after hearing what Indigo just said. 

She bit her lower lip as she tried to look at Indigo. 

“Uh? How did you know that book is erotica?" she asked him. 

Indigo smirked. "You haven't answered my question yet, Chastity."

Chastity cleared her throat. "Uh, that book was just a gift from Karen… I didn't purposely buy it," she answered defensively. "Now, my question. How did you know it was erotica?" 

“My cousin has the same book, Chas. She was gushing over that book." Indigo raised his brows at her. “You're blushing.” 

“Hindi, ah," she denied, shaking

her head. 

But then Indigo just grinned at her. Then his hand went to her face and playfully touched her cheek. “You’re red as strawberry, I like it.”

“WHAT course are you going to take in college?” Indigo asked her while they were on their way to the nearest mall from their school. It was exams so the classes ended early. 

They were taking a jeepney since Indigo's car was coding that day. 

Chastity pursed her lips. "Hmm, I'm not sure yet." But she would surely take something related to writing. 

"How about you? What course are you going to take? Engineering?" she asked. Indigo strand was STEM so he would surely take a course related to science and mathematics. 

“Civil," Indigo smiled. 

Her eyes widened in awe. “Wow. You're surely good at Math, aren't you?”

He smiled, shaking his head. “Not really, Chas.”

She playfully nudged him. “Really? I think you're just trying to be humble,” she teased him. 

Indigo raised his brows at her. “How about you? You're the consistent number one in your class, right?"

She pursed her lips. How did Indigo know about that? Chastity felt her cheeks heat up. But then she playfully flipped her hair and grinned at him to hide her flustered self. "Well, that's me. Not only beautiful, but also smart."

Chastity felt the raging butterflies in her stomachs when she saw Indigo's smile. 

 “I agree.” he said, smiling softly at her. 

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