The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 17, 2023

Chastity almost jumped when she heard Indigo's voice. She didn't notice he was already near her. Indigo sat beside her. 

Chastity pursed her lips and faced him. "Was your class extended today?" she asked, glancing at her watch. Usually, it was Indigo who waited for her. But then earlier, Indigo texted her saying he would be late today.

    “I’m sorry, I attended our group meeting, Chas," he explained. He then glanced at her phone. “So, who were you texting?” 

“Oh, my best friend,” she answered, smiling at him. 

    Indigo's eyebrows slightly raised at her. “Is your best friend a girl… or a guy?” 

    “Girl. Her name’s Karen,” she said. “Wait. I’ll call her again.”

Her smile widened when Karen's face flashed on the screen again. She saw how her best friend's eye widened when her gaze went to Indigo beside her. 

Chastity cleared her throat. "Karen, this is Indigo, the one I was talking to you about." She then turned to Indigo and smiled. "Indigo, this is my best friend from Manila, Karen."

    “Nice to meet you, Karen,” Indigo greeted her best friend, slightly waving at her. 

    Karen also waved at Indigo from the screen. “Same here, Indigo. Finally glad to meet you."

After introducing them to each other, Karen bid them goodbye. And just like the usual routine, Indigo and her went to the convenience store to buy ice cream. 

While sitting on the chairs outside of the convenience store and waiting for Indigo who was still at the counter, Chastity received a text message from Karen. 

You’re right. He’s gorg! He looked like a Korean actor or something. 

“You know what Indigo? Karen said you looked like a Korean actor," she said to Indigo when he was back with their food. 

He placed the ice cream tub on the table and pulled the chair in front of her. 

Chastity noticed that Indigo wrinkled his nose as he handed her a spoon. 

“Oh, why's your expression like that?" she asked, raising her brow. 

He pursed his lips. “I just don’t like it when some people mistake me as a Korean. I’m half Japanese, not Korean.”

“Well, you really look more like a Korean than a Japanese," she said. 

She then couldn't help but chuckle when his brows furrowed more. “But then it's just fine, Indigo. What's important is that you're still handsome. That fact wouldn't change," she smiled before taking a scoop of her ice cream. But then she stopped when she noticed Indigo was looking at him. "What is it? Why are you looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong?" 

The corner of his lips curled up in a smile. “I'm good looking?" he asked as he slowly leaned his face into hers. 

Chastity couldn't help stare at his face. From his smooth skin, his eyes traveled to pointed nose, to his perfect angled jaw, to his slanted eyes… then down to his red kissable lips. 

“Uh, of course. I'm sure you already know that." she said before she continued eating her ice cream. She tried to look calm in front of Indigo, but the truth is, her heart was already hammering inside her chest. 

Indigo didn't answer her, he just smiled before he started eating his ice cream. But then Chastity saw a ghost of a smile on his lips. 

After finishing their ice cream, she opened her bottle of water and drank from it. But then her eyes widened a fraction when Indigo took her water bottle on the table. 

“Indigo, that's my water. Why are you going to drink that?" she asked as she watched him open the bottle cap. 

 Indigo just slightly raised his brows. "Well, do you have rabies, Chas?" 

She blinked. Then her lips parted in protest. "What rabies? Of course, I don't have any. Are you crazy?" 

Indigo then chuckled. "See? Then this is safe to drink."

Her lips parted more when Indigo brought the lid of the bottle on his lips and drank from it. 

Indigo's lips touched the lid of the bottle. Chastity swallowed. 

“Indigo…” Chastity cleared her throat. 

Indigo smiled at her as he put back the water bottle on the table. “Hmm… what?”

Don't you believe in indirect kissing?

Chastity chose to shake her head and just smiled at him. “Uhm, nothing.”

“I’LL walk you home.” 

Chastity turned to Indigo with a surprised expression. But then she recovered and managed to smile at him. 

    “No need, Indigo,” she said. "Our house was only a few minutes away."

     “I know, Chas.” Indigo smiled. “I just want to spend more time with you.”

"Oh." Chastity bit her lower lip. She felt like something warm covered her entire being with what she just heard from Indigo. 

"How about you, Chas?" Indigo said. "Maybe you're the one who's already fed up with my face?" 

She frowned. "Huh? What are you saying? Of course not. I like hanging out with you." She held his hand and pulled him toward the sidewalk. 

 His hand was big and calloused and warm… While she was holding his hand, her heart was beating loudly inside his chest. 

After crossing the street, she let go of his hand. Indigo turned to her. Before he could say something, she already opened her mouth. 

"Who's with you at home, Indigo? Just your parents." Just like her, she found out that Indigo was also an only child. 

“Only my dad," Indigo answered. 

“What about your mom?” she asked curiously. 

Chastity noticed how Indigo stilled at her question. A tinge of sadness crossed his eyes. “She died two years ago. Ovarian cancer.”

She bit her lower lip. “Oh, I'm sorry, Indigo.”

Indigo gave her a small smile. But despite that, she couldn't deny the sadness in his eyes. 

She cleared her throat and decided to think of another topic to ask him. 

“Anyway, what's your favorite color?” she asked. “Don't tell me it's indigo, huh?”

Indigo let out a chuckle. “No. It's Blue.”

Chastity pursed her lips. “How about your favorite food?” 

“I like anything strawberry flavored sweets. But I love pancakes the most. How about you?” he asked back.

Chastity's brows furrowed. She then pouted at him. “Hmm, wait. I have many favorites. Doughnuts, ice cream, Korean barbeque.”

Indigo grinned at her. "You surely do love food."

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