The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 17, 2023

This time, they were assigned to clean the library. Since it was already afternoon and exam week was already two months away, the library was not crowded that day. 

The librarian only asked them to arrange some books on the shelf. Indigo went to the right-wing while Chastity occupied the left wing. It only took them an hour to finish their task that day. 

Chastity picked up one of her favorite books in a fiction section of the library and sat on the wooden floor. She leaned on the shelf and started reading the book in hand.

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” 

Chastity stopped reading when she heard that familiar voice. She looked up and found Indigo in front of her. 

Indigo sat next to her. She smiled as he glanced at the book she was holding. “So, you like Harry Potter," he commented. 

“No. I love Harry Potter,” he corrected him, smiling. “I’m a certified Potterhead,” she proudly said as he closed the book in her lap. 

“How about you, have you read this already, Indigo?”

Indigo nodded. “But I have to say I like Percy Jackson more.”

“I like Percy Jackson, too,” she immediately answered. “But for me, no one could top Harry Potter."

Indigo smiled. “I didn’t know you’re a dork.”

She pursed her lips. “Is that a compliment or insult?”

He looked at her and smiled. “Compliment, of course. Because you’re a very cute dork.”

Chastity almost dropped the book she was holding. Her heart suddenly skipped a beat. Butterflies invaded her stomach. 

Before she could say something, Indigo already held his hand for her.

 “Let’s go? Or do you still want to stay here for a while?"

"No. Let's go now," she immediately answered, accepting his hand. He helped her get up. 

 “Thank you, Indigo," she smiled. 

“You're welcome, Chas," Indigo returned her smile with a soft one. "Let's go get ice cream after this?" 

She bit her lips to stop herself from smiling wide. "Sure."

“GOODBYE, class.”

Unlike the past few days, Chastity was one of the last ones who left the classroom after their class ended that day. 

Her community service with Indigo already ended yesterday. Chastity pursed her lips as she walked to the stairways. She took out her phone, hoping to see a text message from Indigo. 

And why would Indigo text you, Chastity? 

Chastity couldn't help but sigh. She wanted to text Indigo but knew she had no reason to. 

But then her lips parted when she suddenly saw Indigo outside their building. 

  “Indigo!” she muttered in surprise. "You're here!" 

Indigo smiled as he removed his earphone. “Hi, Chas.”

"I didn't know you were here waiting for me," she said. "Why didn't you text me?" she asked. 

"I just arrived here, Chas. I'm sorry I didn't text you. I left my phone at home. I only have my iPod with me," he explained. 

Chastity bit her lower lip to stop herself from smiling wide.

 “Uh, it's okay. But what are you doing here? Our community service already ended yesterday, right?" 

Indigo looked at her. His chinky eyes were intensely staring at her. 

Chastity felt like she was melting with the way Indigo was looking at her. The butterflies in her stomach started to dance wildly. 

“I want to ask if you want to eat doughnuts and ice cream with me?” Indigo asked smoothly. "That is if you have nothing to do after this?" 

“Uh, okay…” Chastity said, then she cleared her throat to calm her nerves. "I'm already free for the rest of the day."

"Great," Indigo smiled, holding out his hand to her. "Come on."

Chastity smiled as she accepted his hand. "Okay, strawberry boy."

“STRAWBERRY boy and vanilla girl?” Karen asked, laughing at Chastity. 

    Chastity was sitting on the bench of their school while talking to her best friend Karen on the phone. She was waiting for Indigo when she decided to call her best friend. The classes were suspended in Manila since it was under a strong typhoon signal. 

From the screen of Chastity's phone, she could see her best friend sitting on her bed while cuddling his favorite stuffed toy. 

She was telling her best friend about Indigo. 

It's been a week since their community service ended. And for the past week, Indigo and her always seen each other after class. 

They would always wait for each other's class to finish, and then they would eat ice cream and doughnuts together before going home. 

 They became close.

    “Why are you laughing?” Chastity asked her best friend. She pursed her lips while looking at her from her screen. 

    Karen chuckled again. “I just find it corny, Chas. I'm sorry."

    “It's not corny. It's cute,” Chastity defended. 

Karen raised her eyebrows at her. “So, that Indigo, you like him?” her best friend asked, her voice full of malice. 

Chastity shook her head, and her eyes widened. “No, he's just a friend, Karen.”

Karen slanted her eyes at her. “Shut up, Chas. Don't fool me. I know you.”

She bit her lower lip. “Fine. I like him,” she admitted in a small voice. 

Karen's eyes widened. Then she heard her scream from the other line. “OMG, I knew it, Chas!” she squealed. “So, that Indigo? Is he handsome?” 

She bit her lower lip and nodded at Karen. "He is, Karen. He's the most gorgeous guy here at school."

“Oh my God, Chastity. I know that look." Karen continued to tease her as she continued to describe Indigo to her best friend. 

The smile on Chastity's lips didn't waver even after Karen ended the call. 

“Who were you talking to and you're smiling widely like that?" 

Chastity almost jumped when she heard Indigo's voice. She didn't notice he was already near her. Indigo sat beside her. 

Chastity pursed her lips and faced him. "Was your class extended today?" she asked, glancing at her watch. Usually, it was Indigo who waited for her. But then earlier, Indigo texted her saying he would be late today.

“I’m sorry, I attended our group meeting, Chas," he explained. He then glanced at her phone. “So, who were you texting?” 

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