The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 15, 2023

"I have a car with me," Indigo answered. He pointed at the car park near the campus exit. "But I'm still going back to look for my cousin."

"Oh." Chastity nodded in understanding. 

Indigo was older than her by a year. He was already in legal age to drive a car. 

“So, see you tomorrow?” she asked, smiling at him. 

Indigo nodded. “Yeah. See you tomorrow, Chas.”

Chastity waved at him before he turned her back. She was already at the exit gate when Indigo chased after her. 

"Chastity," he said, catching up with her. 

“Indigo? Uh, did you forget something?” she asked, confused. 

Indigo shook his head. Then a smile appeared on his face. “Can I get your number?”

Her lips parted in surprise.  “My number? My cell phone number?”

Chas, of course, what number is he talking about if not for a cellphone number?

“Yup. I need your number so I can text you after my class tomorrow."

“Ah.” Chastity smiled and nodded in understanding. “Sure.”

Indigo handed her his cell phone. She typed in her number before she said her goodbye. 

While she was walking home, her phone ping for a text message. It was from an unknown number.

Take care on your way home, Chastity. –Indigo

A wide smile appeared on her lips. She stopped and typed in a reply for him. 

Thanks, Indigo. You take care, too. —Chas

Chastity smiled to herself as she glanced at her wristwatch. Ten minutes to go and their last class for today ends. 

Darn. She couldn't hide her excitement that even her friend Maddy noticed it. 

"Today's the start of your community service, right? Why do you look happy?" Maddy curiously whispered beside her. 

Chastity just pursed her lips. "Hmm, nothing, Maddy."

 “Okay, class. That’s it for today. See you tomorrow,” Miss Aguas, their physics teacher, announced after the bell rang.

While fixing her things, Chastity's cell phone pinged. She took it from her pocket. Her smile widened when she saw who texted. It was Indigo. 

 I’m already outside the junior year building.

The moment their teacher left the room, Chastity hurriedly went out. She immediately found Indigo after leaving the building. She was leaning on the big mahogany tree while holding on to his phone. She noticed the earphone on his ears. 

Indigo looked at her direction. Their eyes met. She smiled at him. 

Indigo took off his earphone and smiled at her. “Chastity.”

“Uhm, hi! Indigo!” she greeted back. “I'm sorry for keeping you waiting."

“It’s okay, Chastity. I just arrived here when I texted you."

Chastity pulled out her community service form.

Gym. Library. Com lab. That's the three place assigned to them for their three day community service. 

“Doon muna tayo sa gym,” Indigo suggested. 

Chastity nodded at him. Together, they went to the gym. They showed their community service form to Sir Mike, the head of the Sports department. 

Sir Mike pointed at the supply room where the cleaning materials are located. According to him, they were going to mop the whole gymnasium. 

“Sir, can we just clean all the sports equipment here?" Chastity tried to bargain. She didn't know if it was possible to clean the whole gym for only two hours.

"Sorry, Chastity. You have to clean the whole place before I sign your papers," Sir Mike answered. "Anyway, I have to attend a class. I'll be back after two hours to check on you two."

Chastity pursed her lips as she looked around the gym. 

"Does Sir Mike really think that we were able to finish mopping the whole gym for two hours?" she asked Indigo beside her after Sir Mike left them. But despite her rants, she dipped her mop on the pail of water and soap. 

 “Let me do that,” Indigo said to her. “Just sit there.” he pointed at the bleachers. 

“No. It's okay. I can do this.” Chastity insisted. In the first place, it was her fault why they were here. 

"Do you know how to mop?" Indigo asked her, his eyebrows slightly raised. 

Chastity pursed her lips. “Of course. I know how to. What do you think of me?” She took out the mop from the pail of water and started to mop the wooden floor. 

But then she winced when she realized she forgot to twist the mop. She bit her lower lip and looked at Indigo. 

The guy was pursing her lips as if stopping herself from smiling. He was looking at her with his chinky eyes full of amusement. 

What the hell, Chas? 

“Come on. You're clearly not used to this. So let me do it, Chastity.”

She finally agreed when Indigo smiled at her. Holy cow, she felt like his smile was becoming her weakness. 

 “Uh, okay...” She bit her lower lip. “But I just don't want to sit there without doing anything. That would be unfair to you."

Indigo just smiled. "It's fine, Chastity. Just please, sit on the bleachers."

Chastity had no choice but to follow him. Darn. It seems like mopping the floor was such an easy task for him. 

He was tall. She guessed he was almost six footer. He was just in his last year of college but he was already that tall. What more when they reached college.

His body was proportioned to his height. He's got the body of an athlete. She wondered if she's playing any sports? Like basketball or soccer? 


Chastity blinked when she heard Indigo. She just realised he was already looking at her. Gosh. Did he catch her staring at him? 

“Are you okay there?” he asked. 

Chastity nodded. 

My God, Chas. Stop staring at him from now on. 

She was the reason why they were in this situation but here she was, doing nothing but stare at him. 

“Indigo, I'm just going to buy something at the cafeteria," she stood up and smiled. 

"Sure, Chastity."

Chastity then went out of the gym to buy mineral water. 

“Indigo, here. Drink first," she said after coming back. 

Indigo stopped mopping and went to her. “Thanks, Chas.”

“You’re welcome.” It's the least she can do for him.

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