The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 15, 2023

Chastity's heartbeat was getting louder as the guy continue to shorten the distance between them. She wanted to step back but she felt like she couldn’t move. She was frozen on her spot.

Chastity realized that the guy was even more handsome than she thought he is. 

His lips were naturally kissable. He has a diamond earring on his left ear. His slightly chinky eyes were the warmest shade of brown she'd ever seen in her life. She felt like melting under those eyes. 

“U-uhm, I’m sorry...” She muttered in a small voice.

For the first time in her life, she felt nervous in front of a guy. She even stammered!

“I’m sorry …for disturbing you… and uh, for watching you.” 

Really, Chas? You even admitted that you’re really watching him like a crazy girl?

“Uh, I just got curious when I heard your voice,” she tried to explain. “I was actually looking for my keychain. I’m sorry again for disturbing you.” She gave him an apologetic smile before she turned her back.

But then her eyes widened when she stepped on something and lost her balance.

Before she fell to the ground, she felt a warm hand tugged her uniform. In the end, both she and the guy fell on the floor. Only that Chastity fell on top of the guy’s body. 

Their faces were just inches away from each other. Her chest hammered from her chest when the guy opened his eyes and stared back at hers. 


“Are you okay, Miss?” the guy asked. his voice full of concern. 

Chastity felt his arms on her waist, supporting her.

“I’m fine.” She swallowed. “How about you? A-are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine,” he answered, giving her a small smile. 

Chastity couldn’t understand why her heart suddenly skipped a beat when she saw his smile.

The guy removed his hand from her and picked up something on the floor. “Is this your keychain?” he asked, raising his hand and showing her the keychain she was looking.

Her eyes widened. “Oh, yes. That’s my keychain.” Her eyes went back to the guy’s face. “T-thank you,” she stammered when she realized their face was only inches away from each other.

Then Chastity was suddenly conscious about their position. She was still on top of him. But before she could move away and stand up, a strict voice startled her.

“The two of you, come to the principal's office.”

“MA’AM, I promised you! We're not doing anything inappropriate." Chastity insisted in front of their school principal, Miss Mariano. 

After Miss Mariano witnessed them in that awkward position, the woman asked them to come with her to the principal's office. 

Now, Chastity was standing in front of their strict principal. Beside her stood the guy in the music room. 

“That's not what I saw, Miss Palma,” Miss Mariano said, her perfect eyebrows raised at her. 

Chastity swallowed. “No, ma’am—"

“It is written in the student handbook that public display of affection is prohibited inside the campus," the principal cut her off. "I'm sure you're aware of that, Miss Palma. You're the top student in your class." 

Chastity bit her lower lip and glanced at the guy beside her. Even if she didn't look at herself in the mirror, she was sure that her face was already as red as a strawberry. 

“Sorry.” She mouthed at him before giving him an apologetic smile. 

The guy just smiled at her. 

Holy cow. Chastity felt like her heart melted at his smile. She suddenly forgot they were in front of their principal. 

“I thought you didn't know each other? Then why are you two smiling and looking at each other that way?" 

Chastity almost jumped when she heard the principal's booming voice. Her eyes went back in front. The old woman was crossing her arms over her chest while giving them a scrutinizing look. 

"I'm telling the truth, Ma'am. We didn't know each other," Chastity insisted. "This is the first time I saw him." 

"She's right, Ma'am," the guy beside her said. 

Miss Mariano shook her head and sighed. “Fine. Because this is only your first offense, I'm going to give you light punishment."

The old woman explained their punishment. Both of them would allot two hours everyday to clean the school premises after their respective classes. They would do that for three days. That would total six hours of community service. 

"You can go now," Miss Mariano dismissed them. 

“I'm sorry,” Chastity muttered after they left the principal's office. She looked at the guy beside her.

“Don't apologize. It's not your fault," he answered. “Besides, it's just a light punishment,” he shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "What's important is that we didn't get suspended."

She pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest. “Tsk. Our principal's really annoying. You know what? I bet she's strict like that because she's an old maid."

The guy beside her chuckled. 

Chastity blinked her eyes as she stared at him. Damn. Even his laugh sounded so good. It suited his handsome face.

Chastity bit her lower lip. "I'm sorry again for the trouble."

The guy slightly raised one of his thick eyebrows at her. “Instead of saying sorry, why don’t you just tell me your name?” 

“Huh?” Her lips parted. "My name?" 

He smiled. "Yup. What's your name?" 

“Uh, Chastity,” she immediately answered. “Chastity Louisse Palma. But you can call me, Chas.” She smiled sheepishly. “How about you?”

“My name’s Indigo. Indigo dela Vega.”

“Indigo?” she repeated, blinking her eyes. “As in the color?”

He smiled. “I had weird parents, thus the weird name.”

Chastity shook her head. “No. Your name's not weird. It's cool." 

 Just like you… Chastity wanted to add but thank God she was able to stop herself. 

"This is the first time I've seen your face," Chastity said while they were walking to the gate of the campus. "Are you new here?" 

"Yeah," he answered. "I just transferred here from Manila. This is my second day at school."

“I’m from Manila, too,” Chastity answered, smiling. “I was in seventh Grade when our family moved here in Davao."

“Are you going to ride a jeepney?” Indigo asked her. They were already near the campus exit. 

Chastity shook her head. “Nah. I'm just going to walk. Our house is only walking distance from here."

Their house is only a ten minute walk from school. 

"How about you?" Chastity asked. 

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