The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 12, 2023

CASHMERE also memorized all the important information about Grey. His course was Civil Engineering, and like his brother, he was also in his third year. 

He was an only child of his parents, and they live in Alabang. But a year ago, Grey already moved to his own condo unit in Quezon City, just near their university. 

He was good at Math, and when she said good, she meant that he won a couple of Math quiz bees back in high school. 

And last, he was the drummer of The Flying Colors—the band that her brother formed with Red, Indigo, and Grey. But aside from playing drums, Grey also knew how to play the guitar. 

Cashmere could pass up as a professional stalker with the amount of information she knew about Grey. 

“Grey, your practice has already started, right? Then why are you here downstairs?”

“Oh, I got thirsty," he answered casually.” 

He picked up an empty glass on the table before he filled it with cold water from the pitcher in front of her. 

While Grey was busy drinking water, she used that chance to examine him. 

He looked so good even with only his plain white shirt and black pants. He was now even more handsome and taller since the first time she saw him a year ago. He was nineteen but he seemed like he was already a man in his twenties with his height of six one and well-toned body.

Deep and dark brooding eyes with thick and long lashes, straight nose, perfectly defined jaw, slightly disheveled hair, and bow-shaped red lips that were made for kissing.

Cashmere knew that she was not the only one crushing over him. There were many girls in the school who wanted Grey for themselves. 

Cashmere's eyes traveled to Grey's throat. His Adam's apple was bobbing up and down and he continued to finish his glass of water. 

Cashmere suddenly felt hungry at the sight that she absentmindedly stuffed a slice of pancake in her mouth. 

She then looked away when Grey put down his now empty glass and looked at her. 

Cashmere could feel her flushed cheeks. She felt guilty for staring at him and thinking of unwanted thoughts in her head. 

 “Cash, why did you run back to your room earlier?” Grey asked, which made her cheeks redden more. 

In an instant, her embarrassing moment an hour ago came back to her. 

She felt like melting when she tried to meet his stares. 

“Uh… I realized I shouldn't have left my room looking like a crazy woman." She smiled shyly. "Sorry about that. I looked like a mess."

"Crazy woman? I don't think so, Cash. You still looked cute earlier."

Cashmere pursed her lips and frowned. “I think you're just being kind, Grey." She chuckled and tried to act normal in front of him, even if her heart was already melting inside. 

“Of course not, Cash." He smiled. "Believe me, you still look adorable even if your hair's a mess. Wait, you have strawberry syrup on your lips."

“Huh?” Cashmere's eyes widened, then she absentmindedly licked her lips with her tongue. 

"There's still some left, Cash." Grey swallowed and slightly looked away. 

Before Cashmere could react, Grey was already in front of her. Then she felt his thumb on the side of her lips, wiping the strawberry syrup on them. 

Cashmere almost gasped when she felt the small amount of electricity traveled on her skin. Her heart doubled its heartbeat. 

She felt like her lungs stopped breathing for a moment with what Grey did. 

“T-thank you, Grey,” her voice was almost a whisper when his hand left her face. 

“You're always welcome, Cash.” He smiled. “By the way, I have to go back upstairs now."

She cleared her throat and nodded. “Yeah. Sure. I'm sure they're all waiting for you there. Thanks again, Grey.” 

"Finish your breakfast, Cashmere."

Cashmere's eyes followed Grey until he disappeared from her sight. Then she absent-mindedly touched her lips. 

Grey's finger brushed her lips. Cashmere's face broke into a wide smile before a soft giggle escaped from her throat. 

“Cashmere, what's happening to you?”

Manang Prising asked when she entered the room and saw Cashmere. The old woman looked at her weirdly. 

“Nothing, Manang,” Cashmere grinned. “I'm just in a good mood today… Today is a good day, isn't it?"

“HI, Cashmere!”

Cashmere was spending her break time in the cafeteria with her best friend Irani when a familiar guy went to their table. It was Nico. The man was Cashmere and Irani's classmate last semester. 

“Nico, hi.” Cashmere gave him a smile. 

"What's up, Nico?" Irani asked him, her eyes landing on the small basket of fresh strawberries he was carrying. "Do you plan to sell us some strawberries?" Irani joked. 

Nico chuckled and shook his head. "No. Uh, this is actually for Cashmere." Nico turned to Cashmere and handed her the basket of strawberries. "For you, Cashmere. I know you like strawberries and I brought you some when we went to Baguio last weekend."

Cashmere's brows furrowed as she stared at the fruits in front of her. 

"What do you mean some, Nico? This is a lot."

Nice just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at her. “Believe me Cashmere, if I could bring one sack of strawberries here at school, I'd do it."

Cashmere bit her lower lip while staring at the fresh strawberries in the basket. Aside from pancakes and tempura, strawberry is included on her list of favorite foods. She loved anything strawberry-flavored. 

But no matter how tempting the basket of strawberries in front of her, Cashmere couldn't accept it. 

Cashmere looked at Nico and gave him an apologetic smile. 

 “Nico, thank you… but I can't accept this, I'm sorry," she said. 

A month ago, Nico had told Cashmere that he likes her and asked for a chance to court her. 

But Cashmere had to reject Nico, because clearly, she doesn't feel anything for him. 

She told him that she only sees Nico as a friend and that what she can offer to him was only friendship. Nico stopped courting her, and they remained friends. But that didn't stop Nico from giving her things from time to time. 

“Cash, don't worry. These strawberries don't have any love potion," he joked. “I know it's your favorite so please accept this."

Cashmere chuckled at what he said. But then the hesitation on her face came back. "Uh, Nico…" She trailed. She just didn't want to give him false hope by accepting the things he was giving her. 

"If Cash doesn't want it, then just give them to me, Nico," Irani commented before her best friend turned to her. "Come on, Cash. Just accept it." 

Cashmere's gaze went back to Nico. She then gave him a smile. “Okay, fine. Thank you for these strawberries, Nico.”

Nico's lips formed a wide smile. “You're always welcome, Cash," he said. "Enjoy it." He then glanced at his wristwatch. "Anyway, I have a class in fifteen. I'll go ahead now."

Cashmere nodded. "Thanks again for this, Nico."

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