The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 14, 2023

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

While staring at the book, a particular memory flashed through her mind. Chastity smiled bitterly as she removed her gaze on the book. 

She was on the way to another shelf when her eyes accidentally went to the store counter. Her eyes widened when she saw a familiar guy there. 

“Indigo...” She blinked her eyes a couple of times to make sure that what she was seeing was real. 

Indigo was talking to the cashier. It was really him.

Chastity's heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, she felt like her breathing stopped. 

Indigo was wearing a white v-neck shirt and dark pants. He was taller and way more handsome than before. The last two years did him good.

Chastity froze on her spot when Indigo turned to her direction. But before their eyes met, a woman came to him and blocked his view. 

She looked away and swallowed the lump in her throat. 

Chastity felt the pain in her heart while watching them walk away, the girl's hand holding on to Indigo's arm. 

“Hey, Chas...” Chastity didn't realize that Karen was already beside her. 

Her best friend followed her line of sight. Chastity heard her best friend's gasp. “Is that...your ex-boyfriend, Chas?”

Karen knew about Indigo. Her best friend knew everything that's happened between them.

"Y-yeah," Chastity answered in a small voice. "That's him, Karen."

"Did he see you?" 

Chastity turned to her best friend. The corner of her eyes heated with unshed tears. 

"No. H-he didn't see me." Chastity swallowed. "He's with a girl."

Karen held her in the arm as she examined her face. “Chas…” her bestfriends face suddenly turned serious. “Why did you really transfer to Montello?" she asked. "Please, don’t tell me it has something to do with Indigo.”

Her best friend knew her well. Chastity didn't say anything. But she knew, her best friend already knew the answer to her question. 

“Chas... why?”

Chastity smiled sadly at her best friend. “You know I still love him, Karen. I never stopped loving him. Two years ago, I made the biggest mistake in my life. Now, I came here to claim him back. I want him back, Karen.”

Two years ago…

“Really, Chastity? You're also here?" Chastity's classmate Deanna raised her brows at her when they saw each other at the theater building that day. “You really like competing with me, huh?”

“I’m not competing with you, Deanna,” Chastity just said before she turned her back to her.

She was a big fan of Harry Potter. That’s why she immediately auditioned when it was announced that their school would be having a Harry Potter play. Today was the first day of the audition.

    “That Deanna is really damn insecure with you, Chastity,” Mandy said beside her. Just like Deanna, Mandy was also her classmate. But she was close to her, unlike Deanna.

Unlike what Deanna said, she was not competing with him. Chastity didn’t know that Deanna was also auditioning for the role of Hermione.

According to some of their classmates, Deanna was insecure with her. She was consistently number one in class. While Deanna was the consistent number two. Deanna hated her because she always gets higher scores than her on their exams.

Well, it’s not as if it's her fault that she was consistently number one in class. It’s just that her parents were both really smart. Her father was a lawyer and a BAR topnotcher.  Her mother was a brilliant writer. She was into writing, like her mother.

Her parents were both supportive of her. They also never pressured her when it comes to studying.

“Don’t mind her, Maddy,” Chastity told her friend. Chastity was not the type to get into petty fights. She would only get stressed if she would mind everything Deanna says.

Chastity took out her cell phone from her uniform’s pocket. Her brows furrowed in concern when she noticed that the keychain on her bag was missing. That keychain was important to her because her best friend Karen gave it to her before she left Manila.

Before she left the theater building, she was sure her keychain was still with her. She had a hunch that she had lost it on the way. She left Maddy and retrace her steps.

She was walking in the hallway when she heard a sound of a guitar. It was coming from one of the rooms. 

“Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and I’m homebound…”

Her lips parted when she heard a singing voice of a man. Gosh, whoever that guy is, his voice was so good to the ears.

Chastity stopped in front of the music room. The door was slightly open and the music she was hearing was coming from inside. From the slightly open door, she carefully looked inside. Her jaw dropped to the floor when she saw the face of the guy singing while playing the guitar.

 He was handsome. Naturally red lips, perfect jaw, jet black hair, straight nose… But the most that got her attention were his eyes. His eyes were slanted and narrowed… just like those Korean actors that Karen admires.

Holy cow!

“If I could fall into the sky, do you think time could pass me by? `Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles, if I could just see you tonight…”

Gosh! She could listen to his voice forever.

From his handsome face, her gaze went down to his hands which were busy holding and playing the guitar. He was not only gorgeous, he’s got a great voice and a talent for playing the guitar.

Her eyes widened when her cell phone rang. She took out her phone from her pocket. But then she froze on her spot the guy suddenly stopped singing and turned in her direction.

Their eyes met. Chastity felt like her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

The guy put down his guitar. He then stood up and started walking towards her.

Oh my gosh! He’s coming. 

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