The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 10, 2023

Cashmere's heart started to pound. “How did you know, Nico?” she asked. 

“I didn't notice it right away when he fetched you in the library. But when he fetched you again after our exam the next day, that's when I saw it in your eyes, Cashmere. You like him."

“You're right...” Cashmere admitted in a small voice. “I like Grey...” She bravely met Nick's eyes. “I'm sorry, Nico.”

“Don't apologize, Cash. It's not your fault that you don't like me back. It was my heart's fault. Not yours...” Nico smiled. 

“Nico… thank you.” She returned his smile.

He really is nice. She hoped he would soon find someone who would be deserving of his love. 

Cashmere stilled when the band stopped playing. It was replaced by a love song from a DJ booth that was located at the corner of the gym. 

 Cashmere's gaze went to the stage. The four members of the band were now making their way downstairs. Her eyes followed Grey.

“Cash… does he know you like him?”

Her eyes went back to Nico. “No, Nico...” Cashmere sighed. “I don't have any plans on telling him...”

“Do you want him to make the first move?”


“You know what, I feel like Grey also like you...”

Cashmere shook her head. “That's impossible, Nico...” She sighed. “She has a girlfriend already. Even if he doesn't have one, it's impossible for her to like me."

“So, that's it?" Nico probed. "Just because you think he doesn't like you back, you'll just keep your feelings to him a secret?" 


“Don't you think it's wrong, Cashmere...”

Cashmere looked at Nico.

“You know what, my grandfather told me that if we fall in love with someone, we should make sure that we tell that certain person our feelings for them."

Nico smiled at her. “That's why even though I know that you don't feel anything for me, I still tried my luck with you. Yes, I got hurt with your rejections, but at least, I know that I tried. I don't have any regrets."

He smiled. “I know you're scared to get hurt. But doesn't it occur to you that you might regret that decision someday?"

“I think it's still better if you try to confess your feelings to him, Cash... At least, even if you got hurt, you won't have any regrets. At least, even if he rejects you, you know in yourself that you tried. You won't deal with the what ifs and what could've beens."

Nico smiled gently. "But of course, everything's still up to you, Cashmere."

“Nico...” The corner of her eyes heated up. 

Before Cashmere could continue, she noticed Grey next to them. 

“Can I have a dance with her?” Grey asked Nico in a serious tone.

“Sure.” Nico let go of Cashmere. “Cash, goodbye...” Nico said, giving her a small smile. 

“Thank you, Nico...” Cashmere whispered. Before her eyes could follow Nico, Grey already stood in front of her, blocking her view. 

 Cashmere's heart automatically tripled its beat when Grey put his hand on her waist. She then placed her cold and trembling hands on his broad shoulders. 

“Cash...” Grey's brief furrowed in worry while examining her face. “Why are you suddenly teary-eyed? What did that guy do to you? Did he say something rude?”

“No, Grey...” Cashmere shook her head. "Nico has been a good friend to me."

She was actually teary-eyed because of the things that Nico made her realize. 

“Grey...” Cashmere swallowed before looking straight into his eyes. “I… actually have something to tell you...”

Nico was right. Why won't she try to tell Grey her feelings? Why won't she try to confess? 

Yes. She would only get hurt. But just like what Nico said, at least, even if she got hurt, she won't have anything to regret later on. Because she took a risk. She decided to be brave. 

“Cash, what is it?” Grey asked, his full attention on hers. 

“Grey… I like you.  I like you a lot." She bit her lower lip and shook her head. "No. I'm actually in love with you."

“Cash...” Grey looked shocked by her confession. 

“The first time I laid my eyes on you, I already felt something different, Grey. As we continue to grow closer, my feelings for you also got deeper. I hid my feelings for you for a year, Grey… because I knew it was impossible for you to like me back. It was clear to me that you only see me as a little sister." Cashmere took a deep breath when she felt her chest tightening. The corner of her eyes heated. She knew her tears would fall any minute from now. 

 “At first I thought what I feel for you is just a simple admiration. But then I don't understand the hurt I felt when I found out about your girlfriend. Irani told me that if what I feel for you was just a simple crush, I shouldn't be affected that way. She then told me that maybe… what I really feel for you is not just a simple admiration. That maybe it was something deeper than that. And I got scared, Grey. I got scared of my growing feelings for you. That's why I tried to find a way to stop myself from falling for you...”

“Cash, whose girlfriend are you talking about?" Grey asked confusion on his face. "I don't have a girlfriend...”

“Kass, she's your girlfriend, right?” Cashmere asked.

“Cash, no.” Grey shook his head. “Kass is only my best friend. She's not my girlfriend. We're not in a relationship.”

“But I heard you…" Cashmere reasoned out. "At the botanical garden. You introduced yourself as Kass' boyfriend to her ex."

“I just pretended to be Kass' boyfriend in front of her ex so he'd stop pestering my best friend, Cashmere."

Cashmere felt like a statue with what she heard from Grey. Kass wasn't Grey's girlfriend. Grey is single. He doesn't have anyone. 

She swallowed. “I thought... I thought...”

“Is that why you were avoiding me? Because you thought I have a girlfriend?”

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