The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 10, 2023

“CASH!” Cashmere was greeted by her best friend Irani when she entered the school gymnasium. Tonight was their Freshman's Party. The whole gymnasium was decorated for the said event. 

Cashmere was wearing a champagne-colored cocktail dress while her friend Irani was wearing a red sweetheart dress. 

"Wow, you're all red Irani," Cashmere commented while examining her best friend. Even her stilettos were a share of red. 

Irani just shrugged her shoulders. “Well, I like Red.”

Cashmere couldn't help but raise her eyebrows. "The color… or my cousin?" 

Irani's eyes widened at me. "Of course, the color. You know I hate your cousin." She rolled her eyes before pulling Cashmere towards the table assigned to them. 

“Miss Cashmere...” someone said beside her.

Only a minute after they settled down, a waiter went near Cashmere.

“Someone asked me to give this to you," the waiter said as he handed me a bouquet of pink roses. 

Cashmere's lips parted as she stared at the flowers in her hand. Before she could ask where it came from, the waiter already left. 

"There's a card in it," Irani said beside her. 

Cashmere took the card and read it.

You're the most beautiful girl tonight, Cashmere. I hope you know that.

“Oh my... That's so sweet,” Irani commented beside her. "Do you have an idea where it came from, Cashmere? There's no name on the card."

Cashmere pursed her lips. “I think it was from Nico,” she said. 

Well, aside from Nico, she couldn't think of anyone who would give flowers to her. 

“Hmm, do you really think it came from Nico?” Irani asked.

“Who else would this come from?" 

Irani was about to open her mouth when suddenly, the makeshift stage lit up. Then one of the school officials went up to the stage and grab the mic in front. 

“Good evening, students.”

But Cashmere's eyes went straight to the drum set on the back part of the stage. 

It was Grey's drum set... Her lips parted.

“Irani, did you know if my brother's band would perform today?" Cashmere asked her best friend.

Irani nodded at her. "Yup. Don't tell me you don't know about it?" 

Cashmere shook her head. She had no idea that her brother's band would perform tonight. Blue didn't mention anything about it. He just said earlier that he's going to a birthday party with his friends. She suddenly wondered why her brother didn't mention anything to her. 

“And for the special guest for the night, please let us all welcome. The Flying Colors!”

Suddenly, the four members of the band appeared on the stage. Her brother Blue, her cousin Red, Indigo… and then Grey. 

The whole place was filled with claps and cheers from the crowd. The four of them were all wearing black pants and a white long-sleeved shirt. 

The only difference from each other was the color of the necktie they were wearing. 

Each of them was wearing a necktie that matches their name. Blue necktie for her brother Blue. Red for her cousin Red. Indigo for Indigo. And Grey necktie for Grey…

Cashmere's eyes focused on Grey. Shucks! He was so handsome. Her eyes continued to follow him until he went behind his drum set. 

“Good evening, freshmen,” her brother went in front and reached for the microphone. His voice then filled the whole gymnasium. 

After Blue's greeting, the band started playing. 

Cashmere's eyes went back to Grey behind his drums. But then she didn't expect that Grey would find her in the middle of the crowd. Their eyes and Cashmere's heart started pounding inside her chest. 

This was the first time that she'd seen Grey after he took care of her the day she got sick. 

She missed him. So much. She just realized that erasing her feelings for him was futile. From now on, she would no longer try to avoid Grey. She would no longer restrain her feelings for him. 

Cashmere didn't care anymore even if she got hurt in the end. If she got hurt, then she got hurt. It's not as if she was the only girl who got hurt because of loving someone. Getting hurt is inevitable when it comes to love. 


Cashmere was forced to tear his eyes from Grey when Nico went to her. 

"Hi, Nico," Cashmere greeted him back, offering him a small smile. 

Nico smiled at her before offering his hand out to her. “Can I have this dance, Cashmere?"

Cashmere pursed her lips. But then she stood up and accepted Nico's hand. She found nothing wrong if she danced with Nico. They're friends. And he has been good to her. 

"Sure, Nico." she gladly answered.

"Thank you, Cashmere." Nico smiled.

Nico lead her to the dance floor where some of the students were already dancing. 

“You're so beautiful tonight, Cashmere," Nico said, looking at her face. 

Cashmere pursed her lips. "Thank you, Nico. You cleaned up nicely, too." She smiled at him. "By the way, thank you for the flowers. They're beautiful, Nico. But you shouldn't have given me that."

Nico looked at her with furrowed brows. "What flowers, Cashmere? I didn't give you one."

Cashmere blinked. "That bouquet of red roses didn't come from you?"

Nico shook his head. "No, Cashmere. I haven't given you anything."

Cashmere's lips parted. "Oh, I'm sorry, Nico… I thought it came from you." Cashmere then stilled. If that bouquet didn't come from Nico, then where did it come from? 

Nico sighed. Then a sad smile appeared on his lips. 

"Now I can understand why you can't give me a chance, Cashmere," Nico said. “You already like someone else.”

Cashmere's lips parted. "Uh... what are you talking about Nico?"

"You like someone else, Cashmere," Nico said, a knowing smile on his face. "He's our schoolmate, right?"

“Nico. How...” Cashmere blinked. How did he find out? 

Despite the sadness in Nick's eyes, he still managed to smile at Cashmere. “It's Grey, right? One of your brother's friends? The drummer of the Flying Colors."

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