The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 10, 2023

Cashmere pursed her lips. “Nah… I still don't want to sleep, Grey," she insisted. But then her body was saying otherwise because couldn't stop herself from yawning again. She was suddenly very sleepy. Maybe because she was full. 

“You must rest, Cash.” Grey softly said. 

“But what about you? Are you going home now?" 

Grey smiled. “Not yet. I'll stay here with you. I won't leave even if you sleep. So, sleep now.”

Cashmere smiled. "Okay, Grey." Just the thought of waking up next to Grey's face was making Cashmere giddy in happiness. 

Cashmere slowly closed her eyes. But despite her heavy eyelids, she still couldn't sleep. 

“I can't sleep...” She opened her eyes.

“Sshh. Just close your eyes, Cash,” Grey softly said beside her. “And I'll help you fall asleep.” 

Cashmere closed her eyes again.

“I'm only one call away... I'll be there to save the day...”

Cashmere felt like her heart stop beating for a moment when she heard Grey's husky voice. 

 He was...singing!

“Superman got nothing on me. I’m only one call away…”

Cashmere didn't know if she was just dreaming or not. She wanted to open her eyes. But then she was suddenly scared. She was scared to find out that everything was just a dream. 

“CASHMERE, how are you feeling now?" Cashmere's mother asked her while she was having lunch with her mother. 

Her parents already went home this morning. 

Cashmere smiled at her mother. "Mom, I'm fine now. It was just a simple fever. Nothing to worry about."

"I'm glad it's not something serious," her mother answered. 

"How is your vacation, Mom?" Cashmere asked. "Did you and Dad have fun?" 

Her mother smiled. "Yeah. We enjoyed our trip to the Caribbean, sweetheart." She tapped the box on the edge of my bed. "I bought this when we went to Paris. I knew you would look great in this, sweetheart."

Cashmere pursed her lips. "Mom, I told you I only want a simple celebration for my birthday."

Her mother pursed her lips. "Hmm, fine. If that's what you want. Then just wear this to your Freshman night party. It would happen two weeks from now, right?" 

That said the party is held the day before her birthday. 

Cashmere smiled. "Alright. I'll wear this dress for that night. Thanks, Mom."

Her mother gave her a soft smile. She then caressed her long hair and looked at her thoughtfully. 

"I can't believe you're already getting out of your teen. Just few years back, you're still playing with your barbie dolls, Cashmere. But now, you're already on your way to becoming a lady."

Her mother raised a brow. "I won't be surprised if you already have plenty of suitors lining up."

Cashmere eyes widened. "Mom, I don't have any suitors, okay?" Well, she had Nico before, but she already rejected him. 

Her mother gave her a playful smile. "Oh? But that's not what your brother told me."

Cashmere's brows furrowed. "Huh? What did Blue say to you?" 

Her mother smirked. "That you have an admirer, sweetheart. And that admirer is planning to court you soon."

Cashmere's lips parted in surprise and disbelief. "Really? Blue said that, Mom?" 

 "Yeah. He said that when I talked to him on the phone last week." 

Cashmere pursed her lips. “Mom, I'm sure Blue's just kidding." She has a secret admirer and her brother knows about it? That doesn't sound real. 

“Hmm...” Her mother just gave her a mysterious smile. “But you know what, I want to tell you this, Cashmere. Your Dad and I are fine with your having a boyfriend at that age. We understand it's normal, sweetheart. It's part of growing up. You and father also have been together since high school so I know it's not weird to fall in love at a young age." Her mother held her hand and smiled. "Just always set your priorities right, okay?" 

"Don't worry, Mom. I know my priorities in life." She shrugged. "Besides, I don't have I'll get a boyfriend this sooner."

"Well, who knows what will happen, Cashmere." my mother said.

A knock on my room interrupted us. It was my brother Blue who entered my room. 

“Mom! You're already here.” He immediately went near us and hugged our mother. “I missed you, Mom!”

“My Blue,” my mother said, chuckling. “I missed you too, my big boy...”

Cashmere grinned as she watched her mother and her brother in front of her. She can't believe her brother is a big mama's boy. 

"I thought you weren't home until Friday," Cashmere said to her brother. 

Blue shrugged. "The activity ended early so we we're allowed to go home earlier than the schedule." Blue turned to their mother. "Mom, I bought you a lot of buko pie. You’re favorite.” 

Cashmere pursed her lips. "Can I have some, too, Blue?" 

"No. Those are only for Mom." 

Cashmere rolled her eyes. “Really a mama's boy,” she whispered to herself when her brother pulled her mom outside her room. 

I'm only one call away... I'll be there to save the day…

Cashmere's phone rang after being left alone in her room. Irani was calling her. She stilled when she heard her familiar ringtone. 

 Memories of yesterday flashed through her. She didn't know if Grey really did sing for her or if she was just dreaming. 

When she woke up that night, Grey was already gone.

“Hello? Irani?” Cashmere greeted her best friend on the other line. 

“Cash… How are you? Are you fine now?”

Cashmere called Irani last night. That's when her friend found out she was sick. 

“Yup. Definitely okay now. Are you coming here today?” she asked.

She heard her sigh on the other line. “Well, I called you to tell you that I won't be able to visit you today. I suddenly had an unexpected visitor."

“Irani, who are you talking to?”

Cashmere's brow furrowed when she heard a familiar manly voice. "Irani, is Red with you right now?" she asked her best friend. 

“Huh? Of course not! Why would Red be here? Well, I actually have something to do, Cashmere. I'll just call you later, okay?"

Before Cashmere could answer, Irani already cut off the line.

Hmm, it feels like Irani was hiding something from me. Cashmere told herself as she put back her phone on the nightstand. 

She then stood up and decided to follow her mother and Blue downstairs. 

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