The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: May 10, 2023

Despite Cashmere's throbbing head, her heart started to pound when she heard Grey's name. 

Cashmere forced herself to get up from the bed. She ran her fingers through her long hair before she started to fix herself. 

“Cash...” This time, she heard Grey's voice outside.

“Can I come in?”

Cashmere cleared her throat. “S-sure...” 

The door opened, revealing Grey in his white shirt and dark pants. His face looked worried when he looked at her. 

“Grey… you're here.”

“Cash...” Grey went to her and sat on the stool next to her bed. “How are you feeling?”

Grey reached for her and placed his hand on her forehead. 

"Have you taken your meds, Cashmere?" Grey asked concern was really evident in his handsome face. 

“Yup, Grey." I smiled at him. "I'm feeling better now. Uh, what are you doing here anyway?”

"I actually came here to ask you out, but then I found out you're sick." Grey sighed. “You should've called me, Cash... If only I had known earlier, I would've come here sooner."

Cashmere pursed her lips. "There's nothing to be worried about, Grey. This is just a simple cold."

Cashmere looked at Grey. She suddenly remembered how he hugged her at the bowling center. 

Cashmere was shocked when Grey did that. She knew that for Grey, it was just a simple brotherly hug. But for Cashmere, it was more than that. And Cashmere treasures that moment so much.

“Are you hungry?” Grey asked her. “If you want something to eat. Just tell me, Cashmere. I'd get them for you.”

Cashmere's lips pursed. "Really? Anything?" 

Grey smiled softly. "Yeah. Anything, Cash. Just tell me what it is." 

Cashmere smiled, then shook her head. "I actually don't have an appetite."

Grey sighed. “Is your head still throbbing?”

Cashmere shook her head. “Nah. I'm getting better, Grey. I just need more rest, I guess."

"But you have to eat, too. You should intake more fluids...” Grey said. "Wait here, Manang Prising was making chicken soup. I'll check if it's already done.

Cashmere pursed her lips. "Thanks, Grey. Can you also get me some fruits downstairs?" 

Grey smiled. “Sure, Cashmere. Just wait for me here, okay? I won't take long."

“Wait up, Grey.”

Grey turned his head to me. 

Cashmere gave him a soft smile. “Thank you for coming here. Thank you for taking care of me...”

“You don't have to thank me, Cash...” he said, smiling softly at me. 

Cashmere's heart started to pound inside her chest yet again. Butterflies invaded her stomach once again. That's how powerful Grey's effect is on her system. Even if her body's not feeling well, Grey could still affect it. 

“Grey, that's too much!" Cashmere's eyes widened when Grey came back with a tray of chicken soup and a big platter of fresh fruit. 

He placed the breakfast table in front of her. "Come on. You have to eat all of these, Cashmere." Grey smiled. "You'll easily recover if you eat this."

Cashmere pursed her lips. "But this is too much. I can't finish all of these. Well, unless you eat, too."

Grey chuckled. "But I'm not sick, Cashmere. These are only for you."

Cashmere pouted before she started eating the chicken soup. She was already halfway through when Grey picked up an orange and started peeling it. 

"I thought you won't eat?" Cashmere asked him, she pursed her lips to prevent herself from smiling. 

"This is for you, Cashmere."


"You don't have to do that, Grey," Cashmere said. "I can do that myself."

Grey smiled. "It's fine, Cashmere. I have nothing to do so let me do this."

"But Grey—" 

"No more buts, Cashmere. Okay?" He smiled before he continued what he was doing. "Just finish your soup. Then eat these fruits."

"Grey," Cashmere said when Grey started peeling an apple. She was already eating the orange he peeled for her. 

Grey looked at her. "Hmm, what is it, Cashmere?" 

Cashmere bit her lower lip. "Why are you like this?" 

Grey's eyebrows furrowed. "Like what, Cashmere? What do you mean?" 

Cashmere pursed her lips. "Why are you so kind to me?" 

Why are you being like this? You're just making me fall for you more. And I'm scared, Grey. I'm scared because I feel like what I feel for you is getting deeper and deeper. And I think it's no longer just a simple crush. I think I'm already falling for you, Grey. 

Grey looked at her, his deep eyes suddenly boring into hers. 

"Don't you like it that I'm being like this to you?" 

Grey's eyes were intensely staring back at her. Aside from the butterflies that were invading her stomach, Cashmere felt like something was pulling her soul. She felt like drowning in his stares. 

“O-of course, I like it...” Cashmere admitted. 

Her heart was beating so loud and fast… she could no longer hear the words that were coming from her mouth. 

Cashmere cleared her throat.  “But I don't mean anything with that question. Uh… I was just curious, that's all." She smiled despite the havoc in her system.

Grey's smile returned. “Come on. Eat more, Cashmere.”

Cashmere pursed her lips. "Can you help me finish this? Please." She smiled sheepishly. 

Grey grabbed a slice of apple and took it in his mouth. 

“Happy now?” Grey asked, the corner of his lips curled up in a smile. 

Cashmere smiled, satisfied. "But eat more."

Grey looked around the room. "Why do you have a poster of Charlie Puth here in your room?" Grey asked, his eyes going back to Cashmere. 

Cashmere pursed her lips as she glanced at the poster of the said American singer on her wall. 

"I like his songs. They're all good." 

“But his poster's on your wall? So, he's also your crush?” His eyebrows arched at me. 

“Hmm… just a little bit,” Cashmere answered. 

Damn, she was suddenly thankful that she didn't put any picture of Grey on her wall. Well, she wanted to put it on before, but then she realized that her brother might see it. 

Cashmere yawned. 

“You should take a nap, Cash...” Grey said, giving her a soft smile. 

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