The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 25, 2023

Grey smiled. “Because you like Japanese food.”

Cashmere's lips parted. Grey decided to eat here because she liked eating Japanese cuisine. 

Before she could open her mouth to react, Grey stood up and excused himself for the restroom. 

"Sure, Grey."

Cashmere's eyes followed Grey as he walked to the restroom. 

This was the first time she'd eaten outside with Grey. 

Cashmere heaved a sigh when she realized something. She had a choice to refuse Grey earlier. She could come up with different excuses if really did want to avoid Grey. 

But the problem was Cashmere herself. She couldn't avoid Grey. No. She didn't want to avoid Grey. No matter how she tried, she just couldn't. 

Cashmere sighed to herself. But then, her smile was back when Grey came back. 

Not a moment later, their food also arrived. 

Cashmere couldn't stop herself from watching Grey as he ate in front of her. 

Darn. He was really good-looking even when he was eating. The way he chewed on his food, the way his lips and jaw moved, the way his Adam's apple moved as he swallowed. Everything was perfect in Cashmere's eyes. 

She couldn't really blame herself for feeling that way towards Grey. She couldn't blame herself if she was having a hard time avoiding Grey. 

“Grey...” Cashmere blinked when she noticed some sauce on the corner of Grey's lips. 


“You have teriyaki sauce on your lips." She pointed at Grey's lips. 

“Can you wipe it off for me, Cash?” Grey asked, smiling at her. 

“Uh? Okay...” Cashmere grabbed a tissue and leaned closer to Grey. 

Relax, Cash... Relax, heart.

She gently dabbed the tissue in the corner of his lips and wiped the sauce on it. 

 "T-there, Grey...”

Cashmere's heart double its beat when Grey gave her another knee melting smile. 

 “Thanks, Cash.”

She smiled back at him. “Welcome.”

Cashmere tried her hardest to calm herself while they continued eating. 


Cashmere's lips parted when Grey was the one who paid for their bill. 

 “But you told me it should be my treat, right?"

“I was only joking earlier, Cash... I will never let you pay for me, Cash... Never.”

His eyes were directly staring back at hers. His intense stare made her rendered speechless…

Instead of protesting, Cashmere just found herself nodding at him. 

Grey and Cashmere stood up. Before they leave the restaurant, Grey reached for her hand. 

Her heart started pounding hard again. 

 “Do you want to go home already?” Grey asked her. 

“U-uh, it's up to you, Grey.” Relax, heart. Be still, even for a short time, please. 

“Don't make me answer that, Cash. Because if I'm going to be honest with you, I don't want to go home yet. I still wanna be with you." Grey whispered, not enough for Cashmere to hear clearly. 

Cashmere stilled. Did she hear it right? Or she was just hallucinating? 

“Grey, what did you just say?”

“Nothing.” He smiled as he pointed at a bowling center near them. 

“Do you wanna go bowling first?”

Cashmere bit her lower lip. “I don't know how to play bowling...”

“You don't need to be good at bowling, Cashmere," Grey said. “Besides, I'm here. I'll teach,” he smiled.

Cashmere pursed her lips. Cashmere knew that Grey was good at bowling. 

Cashmere sighed to herself. Why does she suck at things that Grey was good at? 

He was both good in Math and bowling and she was not.

“Come on, Cashmere.”

Cashmere felt like her heart was melting with the way Grey said her name. Again, she found herself nodding at him. 

“Yes!” Grey beamed. 

Cashmere watched how Grey rolled the ball on the bowling range.

“Wow.” Cashmere clapped in awe when all the pins fell down. 

“Your turn, Cash.”

With her heart hammering against her chest, she picked up a bowling ball and stood in front of their lane. 

Cashmere wanted to cover her face in embarrassment when the ball went straight to the canal. 

“I told you, Grey. I'm not really good at this,” Cashmere said, her face flushed from shame. 

"That's okay, Cash,” Grey gave her a reassuring smile. “Let's just try again. Come on, I'll teach you this time.”

Grey grabbed another ball and handed it to her.

Cashmere stiffened stood behind her and held her waist. 

 “You're tense, Cash. Just relax. And focus...”

Cashmere could feel Grey's warm breath at the back of her ear. Her heart was beating louder and faster... Butterflies were dancing in her stomach... Sparks of electricity were running through her veins.

“Maintain your position. Hold in a deep breath before releasing the ball.” 

Grey said before stepping away from her. 

Despite the crazy thumping of her heart, she forced herself to do everything Grey asked her to. 

She took a deep breath before she let go of the ball on the lane. 

Her eyes widened in surprise when the ball hit six pins. A delighted smile appeared on her face. 

“See?” Grey smiled at her. “Practice makes perfect, Cash.”

Cashmere tried again. This time, another six pins fell down. 

 “Oh my shiz! Did you see that, Kuya Grey?” Cashmere jumped in delight. 


Cashmere's eyes widened more when Grey wrapped his arms around her.

“You did it. And I'm so proud of you.”


Cashmere forced herself to get up from her bed when she heard Manang Prising's voice outside her room. 

Cashmere walked to the door and opened it. 

“Cash, aren't you going to eat breakfast? It was already nine—Wait… you're pale!" The old woman immediately placed her hand on Cashmere's forehead. "You're hot, Cashmere. You have a fever!" 

Cashmere smiled faintly. "Yeah. I don't feel good, Manang."

"Come on, Cashmere. Go back to your bed." The old woman helped her get back to bed. 

She lied down again on the bed. 

"Wait me here, Cashmere. I'll get your food and medicine."

 Manang Prising left her. She came back with a tray of food and medicine. 

“Thirty seven point nine.” 

The old lady showed her the thermometer after checking her temperature. 

“Thank God it's only a mild fever, Cashmere. I don't think we still need to call your family doctor."

She managed to smile despite her throbbing head. "No need to worry about me too much, Manang. It's only a mild fever."

“Come on, eat now, Cashmere. So that you can take medicine for that." She placed the tray in front of her. 

 “It's a good thing you don't have any classes today." 

“Yeah, eh...” Cashmere pursed her lips. “Thank God the exams already over."

“Wait, Cashmere. I have to inform your parents about this. I better call them."

“No need,” she said. “I dorm want them to worry. I think they're already about to board the plane...”

“How about your brother?”

"Don't also tell Blue about this, Manang. I also don't want him to worry."

The old woman sighed. "If that's what you want."

Cashmere smiled before she started eating her breakfast. After taking her medicine, Manang Prising left her alone on the bed. 

Cashmere fell asleep. She only woke up upon hearing the old woman's voice outside her room. 

“Cash, hija, you have a visitor...” Manang Prising said after knocking on her door. 

“Who is it, Manang?” Is it Irani?

“It's Grey...”

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