The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 12, 2023

THE speaker on the other line cleared his throat. 

"This is Grey, one of your brother's friends."

His voice was husky and very… very manly. That's the first thing that came to Cashmere's mind as she kept on listening to the voice on the other line. 

“I'm already here in front of the St. John Academy… I'm near the entrance gate."

“Y-you're with Red?”

Cashmere couldn't understand why her voice suddenly stuttered. She also couldn't understand why her heart wanted to get out of her chest. 

Cashmere looked around. 

“No. I'm alone. Red has also something to do so your brother asked me instead to fetch you," Grey explained. "He made me bring his phone so I can call you…" 

“O-oh, that's why…”

Cashmere nodded, biting her lower lip. She couldn't understand what was happening to her system. While Grey was talking on the phone, her heart couldn't stop beating loudly. 

"Where are you, Cashmere?" 

“Uhm, I'm just here in the waiting area.”

“Are you the one with the long hair wearing a pink headband? The cute one?"

Cashmere's eyes widened a fraction. Did she hear it right? Did Grey really call her cute? 

She bit her lower lip to stop herself from smiling. She was suddenly in a good mood despite waiting there for more than an hour. 

“Yes… uhmm, that's me.”

She stood up from the bench and looked around. 

“Turn to your left side...”

Cashmere followed Grey. She turned her head to her left side. A tall, lean, and very handsome guy greeted her eyes.

Grey smiled at her before putting down his phone. Before Cashmere could move, Grey already started walking towards her. 

"Hi, Cashmere," he greeted with his smooth voice. 

Cashmere managed a small smile. If only Grey knew that her crazy heart was stopping her from smiling wide. 

"Hello, Grey. Uh, sorry for troubling you."

Grey smiled, shaking his head. "It's okay, Cashmere. I have nothing to do anyway." He motioned at the car a few meters away from them. "So, let's go?" 

At that moment, Cashmere knew that her heart was doomed.

Cashmere sighed as her thoughts were back to the present. It had been a year but she still couldn't forget Grey's effect on her system that day. 

Only two months after she met Grey, her brother Blue started a band with her cousin Red. One of the four members of their band was Grey. 

Since then, Cashmere started  seeing Grey frequently since their band practices at their house. That's the reason why somehow, Cashmere became close to Grey. 


Cashmere was startled when a loud knock on her door. She went to the door and opened it, only to be welcomed by his brother. 

“What is it, Blue?” Cashmere asked his brother.

“Go downstairs and eat. My friends and I are going to practice now."

“They're already in the music room?”

Blue nodded. "Come on now before the food gets cold. I thought you were already starving?" 

Their house has a music room where Blue and his band practice. It was located on the third floor. 

"Yeah. Thanks, Blue."

After Cashmere fixed herself, she left her room and went downstairs. Now that her brother's friends were already in the music room, she was already safe from Grey. The moment their practice starts, none of them leaves the music room. 

But this time, Cashmere was wrong. While she was eating her breakfast, Grey entered the dining room. 

“Grey!” Cashmere almost jumped in her seat when she saw him. 

Of course, Grey was unaware of Cashmere's feelings for him. The only one who knows about that was her bestfriend, Irani. Even her own brother didn't know about it. 

“Cash.” Grey said, smiling at her. "Why do you look so shocked? You already saw me earlier, right?" 

Cashmere's heart automatically skipped a beat. "Oh… I was just surprised when you entered. Blue said you're already upstairs." 

She managed to smile and motioned at her plate. "Uh, let's eat?" 

“Thanks, Cash. We're already done with breakfast.” Grey eyes landed on her food before he brought back his gaze to her. "Besides, I feel like the food on your plate wouldn't still be enough for you," he said, a playful chuckle escaping from his lips. 

  Cashmere frowned at him. "These three pieces of pancake still wouldn't be enough for me? Really, Grey?" I poured my lips. "What do you think of me? A pancake monster?" 

His thick and perfect eyebrows slightly raised playfully. "Well, pancakes are your favorite, aren't they?" 

Cashmere stilled. How did Grey know that? 

“How did you know that I like pancakes, Grey?"

Grey simply shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "I'm here at your house most of the time, Cashmere. Of course, I noticed it." 

Cashmere couldn't help the smile that escaped her lips. In an instant, she was in a good mood. Her shameful walk of shame earlier was instantly erased on her mind. All because she found out that Grey was aware of her favorite food! 

“Well, I also know what your favorite food is,” Cashmere couldn't help but mutter. 

Before she realized what she said, Grey's smile already widened. “Really? Then what is it, Cashmere?"

“Chicken adobo,” she answered confidently.

Grey raised his eyebrows, looking impressed and amazed. 

Cashmere felt proud of herself. 

 “That's right, Cashmere? How did you know?”

Cashmere imitated Grey's response to her earlier. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled at him. 

"As you said earlier, you always eat here so it's hard for me not to notice your love for chicken adobo." She grinned. "Your eyes literally sparkle every time chicken adobo is present on the dining table."

A burst of soft laughter escaped from his throat.

Cashmere secretly bit the inside of her cheek. 

Shucks! His laugh was really music to her ears. She wouldn't mind hearing them forever…

Aside from Grey's favorite food, Cashmere knew many trivial things about Grey. His favorite color—black. His favorite artist—Kodaline. His favorite NBA team—Chicago Bulls. 

And the list goes on and on. 

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