The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 23, 2023

Cashmere almost gasped at what he did. Grey just held her hand! She felt a small amount of electricity traveled through her veins when their skin touched. She wasn't able to form a single word again as he lead her to the library exit. 

“Grey...” Cashmere said after finally taking back her hand from him.  “Why do I need to go home now?”

She was confused. This was the first time Grey had done this. What's with him? 

Grey sighed, his hand went down to Cashmere's right hand Grey held just a while ago. 

Cashmere didn't want to take back her hand from him, but she knew that she wouldn't be able to speak properly if Grey would continue to hold her. 

“Blue asked me to look after you while he's away, Cashmere?"

Cashmere shook her head, her brows in a furrow. “Huh, what does Blue think of me? A grade schooler?”

The corner of Grey's lips curled in a small smile. "Your brother's just concerned about you, Cash. Don't be mad at him.”

She looked at Grey with a shy smile. “I'm sorry about that Grey. But you don't have to look after me while my brother's away. I can perfectly take care of myself."

"No. It's fine, Cashmere." Grey said, now smiling. "I was the one who volunteered to look after you."

Cashmere's lips parted. "You? Why would you do that, Grey?" 

Grey answered her with a smile. That smile made her heart skip a beat. 

“From now on… I'm going to fetch you for school and drive you home, okay? Come on, let's go."

Cashmere stilled when everything that Grey said sunk into her. Then how could she avoid Grey when it would be their set-up every day? 

But despite that, she couldn't deny that a part of her heart was happy and excited that she'd be with Grey every day.

“So, let's go? Let's just review at home.”

“Wait… Grey. I need to say goodbye to Nico first. I was the one who invite her so it would be rude if I'd just leave him without talking to him."

In an instant, Grey's smile disappeared. “Just talk to that kid tomorrow, Cashmere...”

Cashmere pursed her lips. “Kid? You're just older by Nico by three years Grey." 

“Yeah. That's what he gets for calling me professor...” Grey said. 

Cashmere bit her lower lip to prevent herself from smiling. “Why are you wearing long sleeves anyway?"

“Thesis defense...” Grey said, then he faced her. “Do I really like a professor in this? Or that kid is just blind?" 

“Well, if you're a professor, then you'll be the most handsome professor here on the whole campus."

Cashmere bit her lower lip when she realized what she just said.

“Really, Cash?” Grey said, the corner of his lips curled up in a smile. 

Her cheeks turned beet red. “Uh… Let's just go Grey...” She looked away from him. “I won't go back to the library to bid Nico goodbye.”

Cashmere started walking while silently scolding herself. 

Be careful with your words, Cash—

Cashmere almost jumped in surprise when she felt Grey's hand on hers. 

“Let's go...”

With her heart thumping inside her chest, Cashmere looked at Grey. His lips were curved into a smile. He seemed so happy about something.

They were both silent until they reached the parking lot. Even if she tried to open her mouth, she couldn't formulate a proper sentence. 

  Grey was holding her hand for the second time...around.

Cashmere knew that for Grey, this might be nothing. But for Cashmere, it was enough to make her heart go crazy. 

Grey only let go of her hand when they reached his car. Grey opened the front seat for her. 

"Thank you, Grey." Darn. He was really a gentleman through and through. 

This was the first time she was able to ride Grey's car. The car smelled like him and she was immediately attacked by it. 

Cashmere waited for Grey to start the car, but instead, he turned to her. “Can I ask you something?”

“Huh? What is it, Grey?”

Grey's face turned serious. “Were you avoiding me these past few days?"

Cashmere's heartbeat doubled. “Huh? Of course not, Grey," she lied. “Why would I avoid you?"

Grey's smile returned to his face. “Yeah. Maybe I was just wrong.”

“Grey, don't you have somewhere else to go?" Cashmere pursed her lips while looking at Grey. "I mean… don't you have something else to do at home, maybe?"

Instead of going home after driving Cashmere to their house, Grey decided to stay. He was now sitting on their couch. 

Grey slightly raised an eyebrow at her. "Wait? Are you saying you wanted me to go home now, Cashmere?" 

Cashmere's lips parted, then she shook her head. "No. It's not like that, Grey." She bit her lower lip. Of course, she still hasn't forgotten that she's avoiding him. "It's just that I'm still going to review in Algebra. No one will entertain you here since Blue is away."

Grey smiled at her. “It's okay. You can review while I'm here. I'm not going to disturb you. Or if you want, I can help you. I know a thing or two about algebra." 

Of course, Grey was good at Math, he was a freaking engineering student! 

Cashmere smiled awkwardly. "Uh, no need for that, Grey." Now, she couldn't help but feel ashamed. This guy was good at Math while she sucked at it. That's embarrassing. 

“Come on, Cash.” One of Grey's eyebrows rose at her. “You agreed to that kid's tutoring but you're refusing my help?" 

Cashmere bit her lower lip."I'm not refusing you, Grey. It's just… don't you have something else to do? I mean… I don't want to cause you trouble or waste your time."

Grey smiled. "Oh, trust me Cashmere, you're not wasting my time."

Cashmere pursed her lips. "Uh, fine. I hope you don't regret it if I'd give you a hard time teaching me."

Grey gave her a reassuring smile. "I won't be having a hard time with you, Cash. Believe me."

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